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Originally Posted by LuvablePsycho View Post
Yeah I completely agree, and some of the sequels were pretty scary too like the one where in the beginning a little girl on vacation with her family got eaten by a bunch of compsognathus. Those kind of scenes were pretty shocking to me as a kid.

It kind of reminded me of the movie Independence Day. I don't think that movie was meant to be 100% horror but it had some pretty scary scenes like when the spaceships started blowing up the cities and when you saw one of the aliens attacking and killing the scientists.

That scene is at the beginning of The Lost World. And a similar scene happens early on in the original novel. The novel is outright horrific at times with it's violence, including when a baby is eaten by a pack of Compies and Nedry's death, where he's disemboweled by the Dilophosaurus. Great as the T-Rex attack in the film is, I felt it was arguably more effective in the novel and there's also the excellent T-Rex river raft chase in the novel, a sequence sadly not yet adapted in the films. I do think the film is better overall, but the novel is absolutely worth a read as well.

Funny you mention Independence Day, as I always felt the alien autopsy scene is where the film went into Horror territory.

What are your picks for the series listed before? Your favorite movie in each?
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