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Part 22

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the graveyard. Fade into nthe crypt. The zombies are nearly upon Doc and Urgeok.

Doc Faustus: Is there a back way out?

Urgeok: Of a crypt?

Doc Faustus: Sorry for asking...

Urgeok: What do we do now?

The zombies stand still for a moment, only feet in front of them.

Doc Faustus: Leave the camera on...

Urgeok: You sure? I think it would be pretty strong evidence of what we do here.

Doc Faustus: But it'll make for great TV.

Doc pulls a switchblade knife out of his pocket whilst Urgeok lays the camera down on one of the shelves and holds the tripod threateningly.

Doc Faustus: Come on then!

He shouts at the zombies but they merely stand still, unmoving, staring at Urgeok and Doc.

Doc Faustus: Well this is gonna be a breeze. Worst muggers I've ever see-whoooooaoaaaaa.

At the precise moment, a flood of zombies limp, hobble and even crawl through the door, bringing the number up to around 30.

Doc Faustus: We're boned...anyone watching at home, a phone call to the police would be much appreciated.

When all of the zombies have entered, they rush at Doc and Urgeok. Doc Swings his knife, cutting open one of the zombies throats and another one's chest. Blood spurts out but the zombies keep coming.

Doc Faustus: Shit! These aren't muggers!

Urgeok: You think?!

Urgeok swings the tripod at several zombies heads. They fall to the floor but are immediately backed up by more zombies behind them. The zombies are crawling over each other to get to the men and feed.

Doc Faustus: You saw it first! Real zombies!

Urgeok: Will you stop with the fucking TV show presenting?!

Doc is getting overwhelmed now, zombies circling him. He's crouching low, taking strong jabs at their legs to make them fall. Urgeok tries to make his way over to Doc but the zombies are too thick in numbers. Urgeok backs up, climbing onto one of the shelves. He thrusts the tripod hard into their faces, smashing some of them and merely knocking others down.

Doc Faustus: AHHH! AHH! NO! FUCK!

One zombies is holding him by the throat whilst others start taking bites of his legs. They're tearing flesh away as he kicks at them. He manages to get a good jab of his knife into the zombie holding his throat, sticking the knife into his eye socket. Doc kicks out at the other zombies, knocking them away, them crawls to where Urgeok is, Urgeok having cleared a small gap in the zombies.

Urgeok: Dude! Grab my hand!

Doc holds his hand up, but it's just out of reach of Urgeok. Three zombies dive onto Doc's back and begin tearing at it. Fortunately, they're only getting his clothes.

Doc Faustus: You dick! Help me!

Urgeok jumps down from the shelf, swings the tripod at the wave of zombies encircling them, then kicks one of the zombies off of Doc's back. He picks up another by his legs and shoves him at the large group of zombies getting closer. The last one left on Doc has got to his back and is now biting into his skin. Doc manages to roll over and using his knife hack the zombie's head off. Blood is covering his face now. Before climbing up onto the shelf, he runs over to the camera, grabs it, then runs back.

Doc Faustus: These bastards...hurt....get inside your the police! We need...assistance!

Urgeok: Hang in there small fry.

Doc Faustus: Fuck you...Lurch.

Urgeok jabs the tripod stand at the large group of zombies, only around three of them inanimate now, but they manage to get a good hold of the stand and yank it from his hands.

Urgeok: Shit. Give me your knife!

Doc points lazily to the ground at the zombies feet where the knife lay.

Urgeok: What do we do now?

Doc doesn't answer him. He is looking down at his legs, which are quickly turning black just like Chronogrl's bite did. Before Urgeok can act, the wall of the crypt smashes open, knocking zombies flying everywhere. Hammerfan the werewolf has been throw through it. Roshiq runs in at her. She gets to her feet and swings her arms out, knocking zombies aside.

Doc Faustus: Werewolf?

Hammerfan punches Roshiq, launching him out the door, knocking even more zombies flying. Hammerfan bounds out into the slowly fading darkness after him. From the hole Hammerfan broke open comes Dude, Rayne and Neverending. They look around the room.

Rayne: Shit, zombies.

She kicks one of them which is crawling towards her. Despite her small build, the zombie gets sent back several feet. Dude spots Urgeok and Doc.

Dude: Whoa! You're that TV host. Love your show, bro.

Neverending: Focus, Dude. We've got to follow them!

Dude: Right behind ya!

Neverending and Rayne run out of the crypt in the direction. Dude looks back at Urgeok and Doc, who's mouths are both wide open.

Dude: You've been bit? You better say your goodbyes then. Later, bro.

Dude runs out after Neverending and Rayne. Urgeok and Doc stare at the door he just ran out of, but when the zombies start getting to their feet, Urgeok quickly jumps down, slings Doc over his shoulder and picks up the camera. He begins running the the same direction as the others. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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