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Originally Posted by knife_fight View Post
What do you think of the other American Guinea Pig films? I haven't seen any of the American ones, and honestly didn't know they even existed until i saw this thread. I guess I'm just curious if they're as good, although the only way to answer that is to watch them myself and decide.
Bouquet is good. It has a rough grainy feel. This is what I would suspect a 'real' snuff film to be like, if there are any. It has Jim VanBebber in it. He's the cinematographer and has the small part as The Editor. As you can tell by my user name, he is my favorite cult director...ever.

AGP:BLOODSHOCK is absolutely amazing! Gore after gore and an ending thats incredible. I did not expect the finale. Direction and FX is done by Marcus Koch.

Song of Solomon will be out this August. I cannot wait to see what Biro did with this and VanBebber plays one of the priests. He uses real exorcism practices in here.

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AGP: Sacrifice is done by Poison Rouge, shes from Italy. She made her film and I think Biro invited it to be in the AGP family. It's closer to the GP film 'He never Dies' with its self mutilation and suicide attempts.

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Anyway I think he has 7 films total to be in the AGP Series. If you ever want to check out the two that are released, he has an Extreme Film channel. You can rent them.

Thanks for reading. : )
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