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Movie night, anyone?

I always loved the event of getting together to watch a movie with friends and talk about it afterwords. Or during. It depends on the film but I digress.

We've tried a few movie nights in the past, and I'd like to try and bring that back. Once a week, maybe twice depending on schedules, we pick a movie at random and play it on a special player where everyone can watch it at the same time with a chat open to talk to each other during the film or after.

It'll be like the movie topic that Sculpt created except instead of watching a movie at our own leisure and commenting about it after, we'll be doing it in real time. Opinions on what movies and day/time we should do it are welcome. As default the movies will probably be vintage or classic types unless there are demand for others. Day and time likely a weekend since that's when most availability is.

Examples of what to watch:

The theater:

If you don't think I'm seriously serious about this, I already have a room made and our first movie picked out.

Just FYI.
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