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Great! I hope a few of you join, even if it's a movie you've seen or don't particularly care for, just come for the conversation. I think it'd be a good opportunity to get to get to know HDC better. 8)

For our first movie I was thinking Rosemary's Baby (1968). Because I have not seen it yet and I know at least one of you finds it blasphemous.
But I'm open for suggestions and/or comments on what to watch.

For when to watch I'm considering Friday at 10 (EST), again let me know your opinions. If there is a better time for everyone I'll be glad to accommodate the best I can. I'm aware there are different timezones to consider so I'll just leave this link here in case anyone needs it.

Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
I like this idea. When Chrono did this a couple years ago. We watched while Skyping. That was fun, too.
I considered Skype, but the site I have set up for the movie has a chat box where you can set a name without an account. It'll be less of a hassle I think.

(I do have a skype though if anyone wants it. It's my facebook name with a "." instead of a space.)
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