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Godzilla Vs Monster Zero (1964) a.k.a. Invasion of Astro-Monster

After astronauts discover aliens on Planet X, the Xiliens tell them they want to borrow Earth's giant monsters Godzilla and Rodan to chase away their resident destructive monster, Ghidorah. In return, the Xiliens will slide Earth a cure for cancer; but are the Xiliens performing a sleight of hand?

The plot is basically Godzilla Vs Mothra (1962) meshed with the 1957 Toho sci-fi, The Mysterians, produced nearly a decade earlier. The film looks really good... vibrant color and nifty special effects. The human characters are lighthearted, humorous and enjoyable, including a leading role by American actor Nick Adams.

There is not a lot of face-time for the giant monsters, but when they are in action, it's sharply choreographed, and sometimes whimsical. The light nature of the film tries to be welcoming to children within a General Audience format... you know, even though characters are vaporized and there is really no particular positive message for children; perhaps only producing nightmares.

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