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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Yes I did. The first time I saw the cover art of Carnival of Souls I thought it WAS Barbara. The freaked-out head-spinning expression is pretty much identical.

P.S. But you should really not reveal the ending of Carnival for those who haven't seen it. Well, I guess that goes for NLD too, but who hasn't seen that?
Lol sorry I'm the world's worst about forgetting to put spoiler alerts.

But yeah speaking of Barbara and Mary Henry I loved how they both had such eccentric characteristics. Like how Mary Henry was an introvert who worked as a church organ player despite the fact that she was implied to be an atheist (something that was probably very unusual in the 1960's), and how Barbara was a grown woman still living at home with her elderly mother and brother Johnny and how she relied on her brother to drive her back and forth to the cemetery to pay her respects to her deceased father even though she obviously had a phobia of the cemetery which her brother teased her about.

I just think it made them both really interesting as characters. There was more to them than just being the scared chick in a horror movie.

Edit: Also the strangeness of Barbara's character was shined upon even more in the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Her mother was implied to be somewhat abusive and controlling by her brother Johnny and it was even implied that the reason she was unmarried and still being dependant on her brother was due to her mother, yet Barbara seemed to be in denial about this and was angry at her brother for complaining about it.

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