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John Carpenter's Village of the Damned


I've never seen the original version only the remake from the 1990's.

Anyways am I the only one who actually felt any sympathy for the colony children in this movie? Yeah they were completely unemotional, looked down on humans, and used their weird glowing eyes to make people kill themselves in violent deaths.

But the one thing I noticed about each death was that the children only killed when they felt threatened. I mean when it comes down to it they were just trying to protect their own species from dying. If they were completely left alone maybe there wouldn't have been so many deaths?

I actually felt kind of sad when they were killed in the explosion in the end but seeing how David was allowed to escape with his mother maybe there was hope of him rebuilding their species? And I think what would help him to survive is that unlike the others he was actually able to develop feelings like empathy and compassion.
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