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A few recommendations that I sent to my friends recently:

Altered – From the co-creator of Blair Witch project, here is a film about alien abductees. But, I promise you, it's not as lame as it sounds. Director Eduardo Sanchez takes the story of a group of redneck friends who, a few years earlier were abducted by aliens but now, in the present have captured one of them an are exacting their revenge. This description hardly gives it justice. The characters are interesting, compelling, and legitimately earn the pathos of the watcher. What I find amazing about this film is that, at no point, did I find myself saying questioning my suspension of disbelief; I was able to suspend my belief entirely, even despite what seems to be a ridiculous plot. This movie is dark, well-written, and well-acted. Some good jumps, some good blood, and overall recommended.

Ils (aka, in English: Them) – Holy home invasion! This foreign film had me gripping my boyfriend's hand tighter than I have in a very long time. There's plenty suspense, distress, helplessness, and struggle. This film does not try to be anything but a home invasion film (i.e. it's just good pure suspense horror), but it does it extremely well. Scared the HELL out of me when I watched it. Good film to watch with all the lights off, though it made me want to get a landline and a security system.

May – Significantly more high art than the aforementioned horrors, this is a pure character piece of a very disturbed girl, May. The Netflix movie description simply does not do it justice, however. This movie is dark, at times humorous, and at its core, incredibly disturbing. May explores and deconstructs horror/slasher films artfully while also providing us with a purely pathetic and horrifying character. It's odd, eccentric, and terrifying at the same time. Slow at first, but uniquely disturbing by the end. Possibly one of my favorite endings in horror history.

Inside - A more gory version of the home invasion genre that creates possibly one of the most realistic and horrifying Big Bads that I have seen on screen. Where Ils made its success with suspense, Inside made its success with crafted gore that does not diverge into torture porn. It's suspenseful, excruciating, and has definitely raised the bar for what I come to expect from home invasion movies. Also, a very smart slasher that has more going on than simply stalking. I cannot emphasize how incredible this film really is.

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