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Originally Posted by Tommy Jarvis View Post
1 to 10 on the sixth sense-scale?

■■■■■■SPOILER ALERT■■■■■■■

I wouldnt use a sixth sense scale because while it was quite the" didn't see that coming" moment, I found it very hard to believe that " Mr" would go to the great lengths he did, even assaulting a police officer, to get what he wanted.
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Child's Play, 2019. 6/10

Director: Lars Klevberg

I kinda liked this POS. : ) Chucky was a creepy sneaky fuck. He was very bullied in this, glad he flipped out on some of these people. I was entertained.
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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
I agree, better to get a guy in his 30s who can do action scenes. Craig was impressive (physical motion) his first film at 38. Who do you think would be a good Bond?
No clue really. First they have to decide if they are going to continue with having Bond be whoever is popular or wins an audition. And modernize Bond as the years go. Or find a Bond actor who actually looks like the character as described in the books. And not just have fans debate who is closest to the books.

Personally, I think it might be too late to stick with the books. And they seem to want to get a director who they can control and still use some of their people on certain jobs. Which seems to be why the 28 Days Later director left.

I kind of agree with some people out there that make the argument that we might never see a good run of Bond movies anymore. I think Goldeneye was the start of the new production and the movies have been hit or miss since. Mostly miss. At least the long stretch of Roger Moore movies are consistent.

Originally Posted by Tommy Jarvis View Post
Seoul Station Good stuff. Good introduction to Train To Busan, although I would recommend watching both on separate occasions.

Like it's sequel, it does a good job at making you care about the characters (though the overacting is a bit silly at times, the first victims in particular). I've rarely seen an animated film this dark and grim, but it worked well, just like the twist towards the end.

Thanks I never heard of this either and haven't got around to Train to Busan yet.

Originally Posted by Tommy Jarvis View Post
Happy Death Day - When you watch a bad horror-film, at least it's usually so bad that you can laugh at it. Meh-films are worse since they don't even offer that. And this one was a meh-film.

*edit* The one thing that could have redeemed it a bit was a Bill Murray-cameo. But nope.
I thought Happy Death Day became better after the first 30 or so minutes.

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