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PAPER MOON (1973). Decent road movie of a small time Con Man (Ryan O'Neill) driving a little girl (His real life daughter Tatum, who won an Oscar for her role) -who may be his daughter- across the Midwest to relatives. Along the way, she joins him in the scams and proves to be equal if not better than Him.
Not as groundbreaking as back then, but wonderful B/W cinema photography by Lazlo Kovacs and a good supporting cast including Madeline Kahn, Randy Quaid, John Hillman and Art Ellison, who was the Minister in CARNIVAL OF SOULS. ***
I bought the DVD. There was one time I really liked something about it. Now I don't know what that was.

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Thumbs up Memorial Valley Massacre

This is another comedy slasher from the 1980s that has plenty of humorous drama, dialogue, and action as most comedy slashers from the 1980s do, in similar ways. I don't know why I had never seen or heard of this before until recently, but I'm glad I finally did. It is just as equally entertaining as most along with being original and interesting as well. This one is about a campground opening up for the first time, only to have weird things happening even before its grand opening, like the water being contaminated due to a murdered dog being thrown into the well and a wild caveman who is not people friendly running through those woods who they can not catch or stop. They decide to open the camp grounds anyway, wanting the money, and not mentioning those other things going on. People then start getting killed off by that wild caveman who nobody is able to catch or stop. The camp ranger, however, had his son kidnapped 17 years earlier, who the police never recovered, and believes that wild caveman might actually be his lost son, and continues to pursue looking for where that caveman lives, hoping to finally recover his long lost son. There is a real sad ending to where you can feel sorry for the killer, only I won't get into any more detail, to avoid any real spoilers for those who have not yet seen this one. It is recommended for those who like the many different comedy slashers from the 1980s.
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MAGNUM FORCE (1973). Second, and by far the most violent, in the DIRTY HARRY films and Clint Eastwood is as badass as ever. Many of the cities worst criminals are being executed-and this is bad how?- and the question is by Who? OK turns by Hal Holbrook and Mitchell Ryan, but a lot of actors here in early roles like Felton Perry (THE TOWERING INFERNO, nice and cool as can be when we met him at CHILLER), Tim Matheson (NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE), Robert Urich (VEGAS), Kip Niven and Suzanne Somers! ***1/2
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