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This was really good. Very reminiscent of Alien just without the claustrophobic fear but the element of protecting Earth from the creature was a nice touch. The action was good, it was pretty creepy, the creature felt like a genuine threat and i loved the ending.



I had given up on M. Night after the abysmal The Visit but this is a true return to form for him. This feels like one of his older movies. The story is great and keeps you guessing the whole time and waiting for whats going to happen next and James McAvoy does an amazing job portraying the different personalities. The very last part of this movie should shock you as M. Nights oft ridiculed trademark is used excellently here.

As for how DID is portrayed in the movie...


Some people might take offense to the portrayal of a person with Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) as a violent psychopath but the only personality that is actually violent is The Beast who we find out in the end of the movie is actually a supervillain in the realm of Unbreakable which makes it more of a supernatural thing then a realistic approach to the condition.



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The Devil in the Dark, 2017. 5/10

Thumb resize.

The Girl in the Cornfield, 2016. 4/10

Thumb resize.
Thumb resize.
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Night Skies - a movie about alien abduction. I watched it on Amazon Prime.

The Bay - a movie about huge isopoda terrorizing a 4th of July celebration
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Shin Godzilla

Finally got a chance to see this and it's excellent. I think a lot of people aren't going to like this. Its slow and focuses a lot of the Japanese government but much like the original, which was an allegory on japans fears of the nuclear bomb in the wake of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this movie uses this in the wake of the earthquake in 2011 and the governments fears of another similar incident.

Godzilla is shown at it's most powerful and terrifying portrayed less as a destructive monster and more as a malevolent God and specific scenes of its destruction are amazing.

The story is great and builds real tension and a real feel of how todays Japan would handle and deal with Godzilla attacking. The movie doesn't shy away from stating that Godzilla does cause massive amounts of death and is seen as a real threat. It's one of the best Godzilla movies ever made and all Godzilla fans should see it.

Just don't bother if you're looking for monster fights or a similar movie to Legendarys 2014 film which was pretty mediocre in my opinion


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Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
The U.S. needs to leave it alone. I'll send you a PM about what I'm talking about.
Could you send me one too? I enjoyed the film very much and I am interested in your take on the ending.
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AMERICAN BACKWOODS:SLEW HAMPSHIRE (2013). Independent film shot in New Hampshire with very good photography and production values despite the low budget. Four College age friends take one last road trip and SPOILERS INVOLVED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
quickly get up shit creek without a paddle as they not only encounter sadistic kidnapping rednecks, also some Beserkers in the woods. I enjoy it when a film has a sense of unease, with I feel shows talent and there is a great example of this when our guys get a sense of what kind of predicament they are in. Quickly descends into a lot of Gay Male Rape/Torture and pretty violent scenes. Flood Reed who did all the primary things for the flick with some acting also shows promise, but the rape aspect takes over too much, almost being rubbed in your face. **1/2
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