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Cell was good. I think It and the Stand are really amazing, however. I like how raw and archetypal they are and how well he captures so many diverse voices.
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the stand chills me.......really great book
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None of them, he is a hack and should be...just kidding. I like reading his stuff.

I have to agree with a lot of the books I have already seen on here but the best in my opinion has to be "On Writing". Sure his fiction is good but this is great, it really shows what it is like being a writer and give really good tips on how to be a writer yourself.
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I havent read a whole lot of his work, but from what Ive read, The Green Mile is far-and-away his best novel.

The Shining is a good runner-up...didnt really care for Pet Sematary though.
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Salem's Lot is his best hands down. The stand is a obese drawn out piece of shit, if it was 500 pages shorter it might be good. And yes I do read monster books like that, and love every minute of them. Those books however have something interesting going on awt al times. The stand is just long for the sake of being long.
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Thumbs up Stephen King

hmm..My favorites are The Green Mile,IT ,Carrie,and Pet cemetery.
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Just read Carrie. Not bad, but it isnīt horror. Salemīs Lot, The Stand and The Shinning are in my Must Read List.
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Salem's Lot is my favorite, also. Very scary book.
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My favs are Eyes of the Dragon, The Gunslinger, and (though I'm only half-way through it) Cell.

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I enjoy a lot of King's work. Cell was great - I loved the atmosphere throughout the book. I really liked From a Buick 8 because of the shifting POV. His short stories are great too. The Long Walk would also have to be another favourite.
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