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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
LOL! That is so true. There's some films you can't be somewhat sleepy before you watch them. Most silent films are like that, not mention some talkies like Dracula 31 & Gojira.

Speaking of silent films, Noseratu and Metropolis blew me away. I've seen maybe 15 full-length silent films, those are the only two I can say that about.
Can't believe I forgot METROPOLIS! Really amazing sets and wouldn't mind if the Motorhead song could be put in there for the end credits,
Also enjoy the 1920 DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE with John Barrymore.
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Thought I'd watch this since it provoked a lot of divisions and rancor on Horror.com. Turns out I watched the 1962 version. Oops. Anyway, the 1962 version is pretty good.
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The cabinet of dr. caligari, a black & white classic.
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Originally Posted by Monkey Astronaut View Post
Did you see the Portlandia skit about The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


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Very impressive, together with The Golem, Nosferatu, The Phantom Carriage, The Unknown, Haxan, and more.
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Finally saw it last month (needed to see it on a movie screen, not my laptop) and it was everything I hoped for.

It's just amazing to see something that has paved the way for aesthetic expression to such a degree in so many different genres!

I was mindblown, I'd love to see it staged (with speech bubbles popping up or coming down) - the muteness is part of the magic, it makes the visuals pop even more.
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The dream like atmosphere, the unusual characters and the acting were great for me.

I thought that it was fantastic for being a silent film.

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I loved the sets. Everything was so surreal, discomfiting. I also like the acting- silent films have their own means of expressing emotion that the 'word bubbles' can't convey- it takes some getting used to, but it is transporting if you allow it to immerse you. Same holds true for 'Nosferatu'.

Looking forward to seeing 'Metropolis' and 'Dr. Jekyl', and 'Phantom of the Opera'. Always glad to get suggestions...
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Originally Posted by Ferox13 View Post
Each to their own but I thought it fantastic.

Me included.

Especially the nightmarish settings.

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i saw The Cabinet of Dr. Cagliari some months ago, and thought it was okay.

i did like the colors, the sets, and the aspects it created. it was like watching a play on stage, which was enjoyable!!!

i didnt like how long and dry it tended to get at times... for me I have ADHD too, and that doesnt help. movies need to really grasp me for me to get through them completely. but i can watch slower movies if they are great, and this had a great story line and aspects behind it.

well saying that, i did finish the silent movie from beginning to end, so that has to say something on how good it was.

im still struggling to make it through Nosferatu though. but i also am not a big vampire fan, which could be a reason
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