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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

It still could have saved itself at the box office more or less with the same plot, just needed more bankable starts like Chris Pratt & Scarlett Johansson but more importantly couple of rewrites & slightly different & more edgy treatment required. Moreover, they could have save at least 20 odd minutes by removing that pointless & time wasting 'kidnap & rescue' segment where a giant-fat alien tribe kidnapped the heroin Sgt. Laureline (Cara Delevingne).

Overall, not bad, had the potential to become a decent series but sad, they blew it away.

>>: B-

Mayhem (2017)

It's similar to THE BELKO EXPERIMENT only in terms of both the films got the premise of an office building complex where chaos & violence breakthroughs but here a virus plays the part that makes stress hormone levels rise & stimulates extreme emotions without the realization of difference between right & wrong. And surely it worked at least as a better idea than somehow putting explosive chips in the skulls of co-workers who were ordered to kill each other by a mystery voice (Belko Experiment).
Moreover MAYHEM utilized the corporate affairs & its environment with a way more convincing & better approach. Overall, a better executed, more entertaining & bloodier film than TBE.

Glad to see Samara Weaving from Netflix's THE BABYSITTER back in here with another kick-ass role, looks like she's the breakthrough star of the genre this year.

>>: B+
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Good Time (2017)

>>: A-

Totem (2017)

>>: B-
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Wishmaster, 1997. 7/10

Thumb resize.
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