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REVIVAL 69: THE CONCERT THAT ROCKED THE WORLD (2022). Very good doc on a festival held in Toronto in September 1969 that focused mainly on the old rock and rollers from the 50's, including Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddly, Little Richard and Gene Vincent. When tickets sales were poor, the young promotors did almost herculean things to ensure it went on, adding The Doors (alas no footage), John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band (John, Yoko, Klaus Voorman, Alan White and Eric Clapton), Chicago and the Alice Cooper group while they were still a "cult" band. This is also the show where the infamous Chicken incident took place.

Lots of interviews with the promotors, security, the artists still living, fans who attended (including Geddy Lee of Rush) and some good performances from the artists-Chuck Berry and Chicago stand out and it's a hoot seeing Gene Vincent being backed by Alice Cooper Group while they are in their spangly clothes and he's in black jacket etc.. Their show after Gene was somewhat chaotic and really not musical, although Kim Fowley rightly declared them "The Group of The Future"; in a couple of years, their standing and fortunes did improve.

Good time capsule and just astonishing so many people seemed to be flying by the seat of their pants to make this event happen. ****
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The Breach 5/10

An interesting cosmic horror story written by Nick Cutter (Haven't read the book) butchered by awful directing. It's kinda similar to "From Beyond".

No One Will Save You 8/10

A movie about alien home invasion, made by Brian Duffield, writer of "Love and Monsters", "Underwater" and "The Babysitter". And it's very clear why he's decided to direct this movie himself, because he's damn good at it. The movie is well shot and the story is really entertaining with a great pacing that won't let the main character catch a break from beginning to end. I just wish he'd directed the movie above.

Keep an eye on that director in the future, folks.
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Cocaine Shark is a comedy horror film that is meant to be stupid and campy looking but funny and entertaining, and it is funny and entertaining enough to keep interest through its hour and ten minute run. It is a follow up idea to the recent cult hit, "Cocaine Bear." The shark-related costumes are obviously fake, but that is part of the humor as it parodies the bad horror movies. It is about an undercover narcotics police officer who poses as an applicant to be a new muscle for a dangerous kingpin who is distributing a new drug made from shark teeth, and has muscles wiping out competitors and police officers who have attempted to bust him. The drug lord's main female assistant seems to fall for the undercover officer and introduces him to their new drug, while the drug lord eventually feels his new muscle filled his purpose and now needs to be disposed of. They escape to an island far from shore, pursued by the drug lord and his muscles, but they are also pursued by a giant shark that is strung out by the cocaine that was accidentally dropped in the ocean. Despite this not being good, it is still entertaining with funny, witty, and entertaining dialogue and well developed characters. Despite the story is not original, it still has its share of twists and turns to keep interest. This is not recommended for those looking for a major motion picture, but for those looking for a light parody.
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