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Movies with people hiding

Hey, I'm looking to find films with a specific psychological theme / plot line (this is not something I've seen and remember, I'm just looking for scenes that fit this idea)

Part 1 - basically, people are trying to hide because something is coming. It doesn't really matter how many people or what type of place they are in - just that the idea of them hiding / waiting is really clear and compelling. Maybe someone struggles to hide well...

Part 2 (can be a different movie) - the monster / demon bursts in. Needs to be a very frightening 'revelation' scene. Not necessarily a quick jump scare, but more of a horrific appearance, at a window, through a door or trapdoor etc. I know there is probably a lot to choose from, but anything that really stands out?

I'm really interested to see films that have either or both of these elements - it's for a Youtube project. I find the older more niche films a lot spookier and more psychological, so something vintage would be a bonus. As someone who's not seen that much horror, Google wasn't that helpful. The closest I got was Lurking Fear (1994). The general idea was there, but not the specifics.

If you can think of good examples of either of these please let me know! Thanks
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Isn't that pretty much the theme of It Comes at Night And A Quiet Place?
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I'm watching It Comes At Night right now! To be honest, I think what I'm looking for is more likely to be 70s / 80s when they seemed to do more spooky existential stuff, even though it was goofier with bad special effects.
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i like it when people hide from pyramid head, and the silent hill abominations, when everything goes into hell mode, (in the movies and games),

i love the way people hide from the xenomorphs, predators, michael myers, and the werewolves in the howling...
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hiding, lurking fear

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