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Originally Posted by urgeok2 View Post
i watched that netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein.

holy crap ..
I saw that listed. Knowing the content, I wasn't sure I was up for 'that'. Good doc though?

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Been watching through Buffy again, first time since...the first time.

Season 2, about half way through now and this is around where they start dropping the smallvill-esque "freak of the week" format and getting into longer running arcs.
Bit of a mess this early in the series, but it's still enjoyable and Whedon does have a knack for writing entertaining dialogue.

Also rewatching Weeds.
Still in Agrestic at the moment so still "the part I like most"...I'll still see it through to the end though, because I remember sweet fuck all about it.

STILL don't know what became of the character "Alejandro"...just seems to have been written out without any information at all. Anyone remember enough to know what happened here?
Googled the fuck out of it...guy didn't get fired or anything...but zero info on what happened to him or the character.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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Watching 24 again, now that it's on Netflix.

Fun to watch the scenes that Xander Berkeley and Sarah Clarke share.
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NOS4A2, Season 2, Episode 2

Thumb resize.

Coming along quite nicely, even joined the FB group. :)
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