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Originally Posted by SteyrAUG View Post
Dawn of the Dead (1978) at #1?!? Really? I'm not sure I'd put it in the top 50 at all. It's mostly stupid. The Dawn of the Dead remake should be on the Top 10 and it is far superior and it comes in at #85?!?
I'm not going to get into the whole what film deserves to be on the list argument but are you suggesting that a popcorn gore fest deserves to be on the list higher than a zombie filled commentary on consumerism and social oppression? The remake was ok for a gore filled action flick but it doesn't even come close to touching the original IMO.
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A year later. I was born in 88 so that will say something maybe. I watch the old black and whites and was brought up on Nosferatu and the blob with my parents but I don't find them really scary and useful but yet I do have a strong appreciation for them. If I watch the blob now i'll probably say why did I ever like this movie as a kid. It was those movies that made me a horror fan though so I still say thank you to them. I understand both sides of the debates I've read. For some reason I like the "Alfred Hitchcock presents" but I'm not really a big fan of his movies...weird..idk? I have great respect for him and what he does but his movies just don't hit home for me so IDK. But looking at the list it is kinda weird to me. Some of the movies I'm like hell yeah that was an awesome movie but others I'm like ummm....that movies sucked. I understand the whole concept of the horror movies and not just the scariest but some of the movies mention above and kinda..boring, horrible acting, unoriginal plot, etc. This list should be updated and as an adult now I def say insidious should be on the top 20. Only movie I have watched in the last 10 years that made me jump not only once but about two or three times and made me not want to look under my bed.
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yes Shaun of the dead was a good movie but i would not have put it in the top 100 horror movies. Based on the fact that its not really a horror movie.
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Great work

wow, I really appreciate you guys for doing these things. But come on, saw II deserves to be in top 30 or at least 50. That was a great movie ;)
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I always love a good "top 100" no complaints here with your choices. -good calls.

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