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Red Triangle Gang: American Evil

This horror-story concept is something I've been working on ever since I saw the news-story of the modern American cult-leader David Koresh, so I had to flesh it out into a tale about new age mob psychosis. However, the psychopath in this inspired horror-story holds no parallel to Koresh's deeds about religious rhetoric but rather is a sociological 'construct' of our natural fears about 'living' standards.

Thanks for reading...I hope you enjoy this neo-gothic (and very graphic) horror-yarn.


The Red Triangle Gang (RTG) formed because God was right about Adam and Eve transgressing in the idyllic Garden of Eden and eating from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge! RTG was led by a hockey-mask wearing freak show named Charles Tetter (CT) who wielded a hatchet. CT organized meetings of the garish RTG in abandon warehouses and told his legion of followers who numbered in the hundreds that they were to fan out across America and take up prominent positions in the media and among the aristocracy all so they could help him chase and haunt their primary target, a respected American suspense writer named Ajay Satan!

CT had his minions carefully select his lamb-like victims, those the RTG considered vagrants or passerby in a modern world beset by capitalism sloth and gluttony. The RTG murdered numerous individuals, and CT in many cases led the charge, performing the most graphic aspects of the killings and final deathstrokes. CT recruited very impressionable and highly-attractive women who'd serve as his muses and sirens for his manslayer crusade. These dolls or 'angels' would dress sexy and show off their shapely figures, especially their behinds (butts) to the RTG victims right before CT delivered the killing deathstroke. This cruel and sarcastic gesture was meant to convey the RTG philosophy that murder was somehow...primal!

The RTG would sometimes lure in young curious and overly-adventurous couples to CT's large mansion, where CT might even entertain them, going so far as to allow some of them to make love to his sexy 'angels' who didn't mind at all showing off their sexual indiscretions. This theatrical 'appetizer' to these selected victims was meant to make the young couples feel as if they were being enticed towards free-love and voyeurism, right before CT himself would introduce them to a developing night of macabre horror. The fact that CT used his murdering hatchet weapon to chop off the ears and gash at the shoulder-tips of men didn't undermine the evil fact that his 'angels' worked up the couple-victims by seducing them into thinking they were witnessing an experimental act of liberal romance!

Why did CT command his truly evil and horrific tribe to find victims to completely dismantle psychologically and physically, since, after all, the RTG professed to be tracking and haunting the respected American suspense writer Ajay Satan, going so far as to make movies about suspense-storytelling labyrinths to trick Ajay Satan into believing Americans' fascination with suspense-storytelling led to intricate forms of fear-based havens? This reason was that CT, the awful leader of the evil RTG, believed that to really haunt and pursue just one man as their ultimate (and final!) target required a fair dosage of 'suspenseful panache' and folk hypnosis! After all, the RTG was a thing of uncanny relentlessness.

When enough people in America were emotionally tortured before being brutally murdered, CT and his RTG would be ready to place the respected American suspense writer Ajay Satan in a death-maze in which he'd be beaten by CT's brutish thugs before being caressed and romanced by CT's doll-like 'angels' (to give Ajay false hope!) before being mercilessly attacked by CT. The mission was to make Ajay Satan the ultimate rag-doll of American 'theater' and none of CT's followers believed their leader could fail! However, when CT and his RTG did finally corner and place Ajay Satan in a cornfield maze where he'd have to run around and try to anticipate his next experience, the respected American suspense writer managed to trick CT into thinking he was an Atheist and hence not deserving of this spiritual punishment!

CT: We've got you in a corn-maze, Ajay.
AJAY: Why did your dolls seek to seduce me?
CT: Didn't you find them gorgeous?
AJAY: Is this some kind of sensory prison?
CT: Our purpose is to treat you like Job.
AJAY: Job, from the Bible, was a tortured religious man!
CT: So?
AJAY: I'm an Atheist.
CT: You wrote in one of your books about Christian archangels!
AJAY: That was allusory metaphor; I'm a closet Atheist.
CT: That's not believable, Ajay.
AJAY: I believe in the neutrality of fate!
CT: I fail to understand the meaning here.
AJAY: Why go to the trouble of spiritually condemning a basic Atheist?
CT: Well, all human beings have doubts about the authority of a Creator.
AJAY: True, but I believe in neutralized karma and a robotic universe.
CT: Why'd you write a book about Christian archangels, Ajay?
AJAY: I was brooding about the metaphysics of chance!
CT: Are you calling me pigheaded for stalking an Atheist?
AJAY: Doesn't it seem contradictory to label an Atheist as shepherd-less?
CT: Ironically, I see the basic truthfulness of your defense.
AJAY: You must spare me...and count your prior victims as leaves!
CT: What will the media say about me?
AJAY: They'll say you tried to construct a figurehead fantasy!
CT: Won't they call my gang archaic?
AJAY: There's nothing inconceivable about symbolism-insanity.
CT: You're honest but correct; I'll spare you.
AJAY: Will you surrender to the authorities?
CT: No, my gang and I will commit mass suicide!
AJAY: Why?
CT: Don't speculate on your good fortune and simply leave.
AJAY: Fine.
CT: Don't write about me or my gang either!
AJAY: Fine; it seems I've escaped evil company.
CT: Evil is both accessible...and large.


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Arrow Chapter 2: Maniac

I'm retiring from short-story writing but I may someday either write a new-noir gothic Batman (DC Comics) fan-fiction novel about Eugenics insanity or an American madness novel about modern cult-like trends in crime. If I write the latter, I'll be focusing on a theme such as the one I've presented here! So, I hope you like it and find it design-worthy.

Thanks for reading,


After CT and the RTG committed mass suicide, their bodies were uncovered and discovered in a mass grave in Arizona. The headlines across the USA read that a fanatical cult committed mass suicide, urged on by their cultish leader. Since the bodies were almost completely burned, since, it seemed, CT had given all the cult members a poison drink and waited for them to die before burning them, most of the members' identities were not catalogued and were listed as simply mysterious disappearances. CT himself shot himself in the head after lighting his own body on fire. This was a true American spectacle.

The media hysteria created by the discovered mass suicide generated all kinds of TV talk. Naturally, the flames of hell spread! A maniac in NYC names Charles Grady decided to begin stalking and killing only targeted female cops while driving around the USA in his RV. Grady sent an anonymous notice to the Post in which he declared his inspiration was the abject American horror of the discovery of the mass suicide in Arizona and felt the need to carry on the tone of darkness by stalking only female cops in the USA who he suggested were representatives of modern social etiquette, an etiquette Grady was moved to puncture because of the 'antisocial symbolism' of the Arizona mass suicide. Now, Grady was the subject of a new national media craze, as people began referring to him as the Arizona 'torchbearer' of modern mania!

As if that wasn't insane enough, the national spectacle Grady created inspired a new cult to assemble, all dedicated to staking Grady himself! This new cult called itself Maniac and believed targeting and then ultimately decapitating Charles Grady, the now infamous Arizona mass suicide inspired American killer of female cops, would reveal to the modern world the tangibility of a real Tower of Babel, one symbolizing the attainability of endless madness! This 'Maniac' cult was full of weirdos, professionals, lunatics, frustrated civil servants, and even celebrities who wanted to lash out against an American society they felt was numbed to the reality of imaginative darkness and endless horror! Who would finally bring a necessary end to this new brand of social deformity?



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