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What is this film called?

A few years ago I remember watching this horror/black-comedy film on TV but I just can't remember the name of it. It was in a foreign language with English subtitles and the main character was travelling through the countryside when, after running out of petrol, he came to a village with really strange inhabitants. One man promises to get him some fuel but then after a while he kidnaps the protagonist. Over the course of the movie he keeps trying to escape and every time he is tortured and tied back up again, eventually being dressed in women's clothing to satisfy his torturer. By the end of the movie the protagonist escapes and by some means (I can't quite remember), the torturer is on the verge of dying, at which point he begs the protagonist to tell him that he loved him deep down (thinking that the protagonist is his late wife), the protagonist grants his last request and tells him he loves him before he dies. It was probably quite a tame movie, but I saw it when I was young so it did leave a strange impact on me. If anyone can help me out with the name it would be greatly appreciated!
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Moved to the appropriate section. Please read our Announcement -

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Ah right, sorry about that.
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