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Originally Posted by cheebacheeba View Post
I think as a low level villain/lead in? Vermin.
It would show off some effects and give Peter the chance to have a really viscious scuffle and get hurt a bit, even if he won. Throw his confidence a bit when he's nursing injuries having been unavoidably slashed up by a character so fast and feral that his spider sense is almost pointless.

I've always also thought Chameleon could be great, even as a "pulling the strings" type character or a reveal of him having disguised himself as another villain throughout the film.
This could continue the storyline over, and allow for another "real" version of whichever character he'd been impersonating down the line.
So in essence we'd get chameleon causing havoc in everyones lives, and then two versions of a known character spread out into future films.

I'd like to see something of a "sinister six" or small team coming together kind of like the end of the first film implied...though I'd like to see some depth and complexity in the characters and definitely some infighting. While I think it'd be good to have villains as villains like I said...sometimes, the formula can be mixed up.

Kraven the hunter if he wasn't as ridiculous as his comics counterpart would be good...leading an elite team basically trained and technologically advanced enough to take on metahumans. Not sure if he'd work as a main villain, but definitely someone that could have been hired to trap/terminate Peter.

I would definitely like to see "paste pot pete" make his debut as something pretty comical. Just to see it.
I'd like to see "The SPOT" just to see a damn interesting fight.
I'd like to see BLACK CAT done right.
Spencer Smythe? Spider-Slayers could be a good side-story.

I could do without seeing the Rhino. In any form.

I dunno really. There's a lot of older/less relevant characters by todays standards that could be mined back out.
Sure, give us the big characters. The Goblins. Carnage. The clones. Bring back Doc Ock and Sandman at some point for another run, sure.

I'd like to even see NEWER threats than most people have mentioned, like how about the "other" vulture with the fucked up, acid spewing face...that could be a good surprise if Spider-Man was under the impression he was going after the original vulture.

Mister Negative could be...something to play with the "Peters life" plots. Not as a major villain though, too close to the game. Maybe to just change some things around for the better/worse in the background.

One word - Morlun.

So yeah, I'm not against the new kids. Not at all.
I just think that for this to happen? For Peter to finally grow up on film rather than remain the perpetual high school/college level? To become and be the amazing and complex hero that fights through truly horrible things that he has become over the last 50+ years?
They need to do this. They need to go for substance over spectacle, they need to parallel the timeline at least a little bit, and they need to not throw in the biggest and baddest threats straight away...they'll come.
It's kind of too bad Stark gave Spiderman a tech-suit, would have been better to have him slowly advance, like you said.

For new villains for the Holland film series, that stays fairly realistic, I agree Kraven would be good, just make him modern and realistic. And that would go with relative Chameleon well. Vermin would be a good first go, though is a bit of an unrealistic character for today. I love The Spot and the portals, I'd vote that one next, can introduce Kingpin funding him, goes with the Stark connection too.

The Rhino does seem a bit goofy, hated the robot Rhino in Spiderman 2. But sticking to the original story, and experiment gives him super strength, sprint speed and a special polymer suit, makes him an interesting villain, with a good writer, could be a good stand alone villain.

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