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Lightbulb Amon the Fencer

Since I wrote a horror-story about a fictional soccer player, I thought I'd wrote another horror-story about a fictional Ivy League fencing-team champion.

This yarn was not inspired by the recent foreign-film The Fencer but is rather a horror-spin with completely different subject twists.

I like the idea of athletes being psychos and hence the subject of horror-writing and wondering if there should be movies made about killer sports-stars. It should at least make for an excellent horror-novel, which is what I'm proposing with this yarn!


Magnus moved from Russia to America to study at Princeton University on a fencing scholarship. He was an excellent fencer and the Princeton Tigers fencing-team was looking for a breakout star to help them win the Ivy League title in 2020. Magnus quickly became the team's best feather, helping the Tigers take down Dartmouth and Harvard, two rivals, and defeating their two best fencers.

Magnus spent part of his time coaching kids from a nearby underprivileged elementary school in New Jersey, near Princeton. He did this to inspire himself after escaping the darkness of post-USSR Moscow, where the Russian mafia was exploiting capitalism-disarray in his neighborhood with narcotics. However, Magnus had a terrible secret. He was coaching these New Jersey kids not just to feel motivated but also to give himself a crime-masking alibi-mask.

You see, Magnus was a serial-killer. He spent late nights driving around outside campus and finding pedestrians walking or in parked cars or in insecure neighborhoods and killing them in cold blood. Magnus would simply decapitate or burn his victims alive. In his first two years at Princeton University, he killed over 15 individuals, people who made his evil eye twitch. After killing someone, Magnus would coldly and calmly return to campus and study or practice fencing. Sometimes, he'd even go visit the campus church to pray.

The Ivy League title-game arrived in Magnus' third-year at Princeton. He finally managed to lead the Tigers to the championship where they'd face Brown University. Magnus would face Brown's fencer Elias Cunin in the final match. Magnus readied his fencing-saber and used about eight elegant and swift strikes and thrusts to disorient and then defeat Cunin. Princeton won the title, thanks to Magnus, and the psychopath imagined he was killing one of his victims while he was disarming Elias Cunin. Magnus had become an undetectable criminal.


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Obviously I decided to change the protagonist name from 'Amon' to 'Magnus' because I wanted to keep the continuity feel with the Juventus/soccer story on this forum, but you can certainly infer that our dude Amon opts to change his name to Magnus when he moved to America!

Maybe(!) this sort of artistic license speaks to the general fertile creative appeal of using sports for inventive new age socialization-paranoia horror folklore.

Anyways, 'Magnus' sounds cooler, no?

Thanks for bearing with me here...

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