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Silent Town

This is a Coronavirus quarantine vignette about psychological responses to civilization deformities that remind us of the oddly 'supernatural' quality of modern traffic holes! This spook-tale was inspired by my love of Dean Koontz' offbeat and shocking spooky novels about American blood.


Eric wandered into Silent Town during his cross-country drive from New England to Southern California in the summer of 2020. The Coronavirus quarantine had ended after a proper vaccination and ventilation procedure for all identified patients was discovered in May, freeing up roads and town halls by early July. Eric, a recent graduate of Dartmouth, began his road trip in New Hampshire and intended to complete his refreshing post-quarantine drive in San Diego by the autumn of 2020. It was during this symbolic trip that the young and dashing American graduate Eric wandered into the somewhat unusual settlement of Silent Town.

There were only about 10,000 residents in the relatively cold and wintry place of Silent Town, a settlement in Colorado near the ski resort areas of Aspen. Silent Town was headed by the bearded mayor Buck Thomas who was a family man and Mormon with two wives and four children. It was Buck who first spotted Eric and officially welcomed him to Silent Town. Buck wanted to make Eric feel comfortable driving through Silent Town but ominously warned the young man not to wander into the abandoned movie theater if Eric wasn't feeling spiritually and sufficiently brave enough to withstand any odd perceptual experience.

Buck the mayor explained to the intrigued Eric that the abandoned Silent Town movie theater was closed after people reported seeing frightening specters and hallucinations while watching various American movies playing there from the years 1956 to 1962. Apparently, 10 individuals committed suicide after claiming they were too shocked by the hallucinations they saw while watching movies in the Silent Town theater. Eric was shocked after hearing this very strange and haunting American ghost story and couldn't help let his curious mind pontificate and ponder the possibility that, like the traffic unnerving Coronavirus quarantine of 2020, the rumored deaths/suicides apparently somehow linked to the Silent Town movie theater were caused by some kind of 'modernism consciousness' phenomenon.

ERIC: "It seems to me that the Coronavirus pandemic was some kind of civilization biophysical 'backlash' to the high-density commercial traffic of the new millennium that was an effect or affect of neglected mob behaviors and lifestyle hygiene neglect and wasteful consumerism and cheeseburger attituses! These reported Silent Town movie theater linked hallucinations and suicides of the late 1950s to early 1960s were likewise some kind of 'aftereffect' of some mass traffic complexity over-confidence, perhaps linked to a post-WWII globalization rhetoric and trauma bias that had reached every American small town. I need to investigate if this haunted Silent Town theater is some evidence of mob psychology deformity!"

The intelligent and curious Eric, Dartmouth graduate, opted to ignore the mayoral warning of Buck Thomas and decided to sneak into the Silent Town movie theater two night later with a small green lantern. Eric made his way through the dilapidated cinema hall, which was obviously once beautiful, and found himself in the movie projection room on the second floor balcony. Eric was surprised to discover that the projector was still miraculously functional and decided to put a film reel of the classic movie Citizen Kane into the antique projector and began watching the iconic Orson Welles masterpiece in the Silent Town theater by himself.

ERIC: "This Hollywood timepiece is stellar and reminds anyone of the golden and silver bygone era of shared shimmery moving portraits of American life and imagination. Orson Welles was a true genius, and I have to say watching his masterpiece in this otherwise eerily abandoned Silent Town movie hall makes me wonder what could've driven multiple people to reporting deranging visions while enjoying American movies in this area after the end of WWII era. Was Silent Town as cursed by traffic claustrophobia after the WWII 'experience' as modern America was by commerce traffic spots in the 21st Century, after 9/11? Is this some kind of hallucination of a mass deformity?"

As Eric made these mental notes to himself about the sane rationalization of these odd Silent Town movie theater audience suicides and the recent Coronavirus quarantine tribulation while quietly watching the Orson Welles film he ran through the antique projector successfully, he thought he started to see deformed images of dancing worms. Eric studied psychology and literature at Dartmouth and wondered if he was hallucinating these 'dancing worms' as some subconscious submental response to a major American meditation on the reality of mass sociocultural depression. Eric decided to run out of the theater and sped away from Silent Town as fast as he possibly could in his thankfully reliable Nissan Pathfinder.

ERIC: "I'm not sure what the hell possessed my fine mind to hallucinate seeing 'dancing worms' while watching the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane in that apparently haunted Silent Town movie theater! Maybe it was that spicy fish I ate the night before that prompted that bizarre psychochemical 'experience' or maybe it was something about the haunting Coronavirus quarantine that made me ultra-conscious of philosophical deformity. I know I'll never wander into Silent Town again...if for nothing but just to avoid any psychological depravity. I'm concluding that the Silent Town movie theater hallucinations were caused by some ultra-sensitivity to civilization depravity!"


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