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Horror movies set in castles

Hello everyone, I've been a huge horror fan for a long time, and thought I would finally get into a horror-community, seeing as how I'm having a hard time finding new horror movie since it's not exactly the most popular genre. :(

Friends dared me to complete a game called Amnesia - The Dark Descent(if anybody is familiar with it). Basically a first person horror game, where a maincharacter with memory loss has to move through a haunted castle and recover his own story through diary pages and notes left around.

Soooo I got really hooked and completed it in one night, and I'm now hungry for more horror movies set in castles(or big haunted houses), because they have a certain suspense and atmosphere I love. ANYTHING that you can think of, as long as you consider it to be a good movie. :)

Hope to hear from you fellow horror fans!
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Check out the Hammer movies,many where set in castles.

Castle Freak is one movie that springs to mind that is set in a castle
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The Keep
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All the Universal Frankenstein films.
The Haunting (not a castle, but a big haunted house)
Same with House of Wax.
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Castle Of Blood is astounding check it out.
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The Corman/Price/Poe films
Black Sunday
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The adaptation of Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) is set in a castle. Pretty good, not totally loyal to the story, but that would be hard to achieve in film.

Obviously Rocky Horror, if you consider that a horror. And Nosferatu (and many other old-school vampire films!). Plus, some of The Fearless Vampire Killers (a brilliant horror/comedy) is also filmed in a castle.
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Hell, Army Of Darkness has castles...
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amnesia, castle, ghost, haunted, suspense

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