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'Cannibals' confess in Mozambique

A husband and wife in Mozambique face multiple charges after confessing to exhuming corpses to eat the flesh and powdered bones, say police.

They were arrested in the western village of Vanduzi last weekend in possession of human organs.

In a confession, the couple said that eating human flesh strengthened their power to heal people, police say.

Gorongosa district police say they are still investigating the case in an area where belief in witchcraft is strong.

Gorongosa district police commander, Jose Cumbe, said that it was the first case of self-confessed cannibalism he had uncovered since he began working in Gorongosa two years ago.

The husband, 50-year-old Neva Mafunga said he had been eating human flesh for more than 20 years, the police say.

His 34-year-old wife, Nhanvura Faera, said she began eating human flesh on the orders of her husband.
look at yourself - you're a f*cking mess, and yet you're saying nothing happened? - nothing happened???
yes, i know so much is so ordinary, so coarse, and so vulgar. but survival is simply not enough. nowhere near.
what's the point of surviving? survive what? don't you realize you're going to die? f*ck your missions, your crusade.
i demand and expect quality.
right now, once and for all.
quality time.
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