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i just picked up the book wicked. it deals witht he wicked witch of the west and gives her untold story. so far it is intersting. i was wondering if anybody has ever read it. i guess there was a broadway play on it. has anyone ever seen it?
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I read the book awhile ago, and being a huge Wizard of Oz fan, I loved it. Maguire did a great job of twisting it around, its smart and lots of fun. The end is kind of a mess though, but it doesn't ruin the book by any means.
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i haven't read the book and i had the chance to see the play, but was unable to. that was our marching band show last year, it was the shit. i bought the soundtrack to the musical, it is also the shit. you should totally check it out. i basically know everything that goes down though cause one of my friends has read the book and seen the play and she's told me all about it. the sequel to Wicked is Son of a Witch by Maguire. apparently that's really good too.
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