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Aldrich Killian's Leviathan

The fictional 'mad scientist' Aldrich Killian appears in Iron Man (Marvel Comics) storyboards and also appears in the recent film Iron Man 3 (portrayed nicely by Guy Pearce).

Killian is a real eccentric and seems to pursue 'rationalism-justified' analyses but really seeks schemes oriented towards terrorism and piracy.

Killian is a very modernism-symbolic comic book character, so I've spun a tale about him dealing with the awful reality of a giant evolutionary 'deviant' known as Leviathan (referring to the metaphysics term 'leviathan' signifying a giant sea-beast representing pure chaos).


Aldrich Killian looked at his watch and realized it was almost 9pm. He had prepared and dressed for this impressive socialite party which hosted science investors. The party was thrown by two prominent NYC businessmen seeking to merge science with society, and Aldrich didn't want to be left out of this stellar affair. Aldrich had to pull strings to make sure he was on the invite-list, and when he noticed one of the party-hosts (NYC businessman Steven Job) was standing by himself for a moment by the wine-bar, he approached him with his special 'interest.'

ALDRICH: I'm glad I caught you alone (for a moment), Steven...
STEVEN: What's up, Aldrich?
ALDRICH: Well, firstly, thanks for inviting me to this 'affair.'
STEVEN: Hey, we want society to merge with science.
ALDRICH: That's excellent; that's why I came.
STEVEN: So what's on your mind, good fellow?
ALDRICH: As you know, I've been working on computer-obsession theories.
STEVEN: Hmmm, computer obsessiveness in the modern age...surprising?
ALDRICH: I know it sounds clich�d/ordinary, but I assure you it's not.
STEVEN: What's so special about your 'spin' on this Orwellian topic.
ALDRICH: I know this subject has been overdone, but I have a new angle.
STEVEN: Well...tell me! That's why you're here, right?
ALDRICH: Yes. It concerns computers in public spaces.
STEVEN: Sounds interesting (libraries, etc.). Call my secretary on Monday.

Aldrich was thrilled with himself and relieved Steven Job was willing to listen to his idea. When Monday came, Aldrich called Steven's office and arranged a meeting that Friday afternoon. Aldrich showed up for the meeting in his special diamond bow-tie and presented to Steven (privately) his 'special hypothesis' that computers being used by pedestrians in public spaces contributed to a sense of 'social uneasiness' regarding the odd spatial juxtaposition of claustrophobia and convenience. Aldrich's theory was that when people used computers in public spaces, standing/sitting next to each other, they became much more 'self-conscious' about network spacing/claustrophobia.

Steven decided he wanted Aldrich to do a full work-up of the idea and wanted to meet with Aldrich personally at his chateau outside Manhattan. Steven went alone and noticed that Aldrich was alone in his chateau as well. Steven firstly congratulated Aldrich for the ambitiousness of his idea. He then asked Aldrich to expound on his idea over dinner, which Aldrich gladly did, telling Steven of the psycho-sociological consequences of modern technologies being used with 'tangible ergonomics.' Steven told Aldrich he intended to use the theory to create models for public-space computer terminal ergonomics designs (for libraries, airports, malls, etc.). Aldrich realized his idea was going to be a commercial success.

STEVEN: I must say, Aldrich, I'm impressed.
ALDRICH: I knew you would be, Mr. Job.
STEVEN: Do you have diagrams of your thought-model?
ALDRICH: Indeed! They're in my basement.
STEVEN: Well...can we gloss over them now?
ALDRICH: Sure. Let's take some wine down there.
STEVEN: Sounds cool. So what you got 'cookin' in your basement (hehe)?
ALDRICH: You have no idea, Steven...
STEVEN: Hmmm...you sound a little eerie to me all of a sudden, Aldrich.
ALDRICH: You'll see what I mean; I have something down there.
STEVEN: What is it?
ALDRICH: First, put on this safety-suit, Mr. Job {hands him a fire-suit}.
STEVEN: Alright; what...do you have a creature down there or something?
ALDRICH: Leviathan.

Steven didn't know what Aldrich meant when he said "Leviathan" and assumed Aldrich was being conversational about the metaphysics term signifying the sea-beast of chaos described in spiritual-texts. Steven assumed the fire-suit was for some pyro-technical demonstration Aldrich had set up and remained excited to see what was down in that basement. However, when Steven got down to the basement, Aldrich turned to him and ominously said, "You are my witness." Steven turned around and realized that Aldrich was keeping a giant sentient creature in his basement! It was Leviathan!

ALDRICH: Behold, Steven!!
STEVEN: What is that thing?
ALDRICH: Leviathan, of course...
STEVEN: Is it dangerous?
ALDRICH: Oh, no (not yet); he's quite sensitive.
STEVEN: Are you mad? It's reptilian with multiple eyes (an abomination).
ALDRICH: I assure you, Leviathan will help us sort out 'computer insanity.'
STEVEN: What? Do you intend to frighten consumers?
ALDRICH: Yes. Leviathan will show us the foolishness of tinkering with toys.
STEVEN: You can't use a 'dragon' to tell people about technology, Aldrich!
ALDRICH: Leviathan won't tell people; he'll eat people!
STEVEN: You intend to condemn technology with a predator?
ALDRICH: Of course...
STEVEN: You'll go to hell for this.
ALDRICH: Not because of you; you'll be Leviathan's first victim.
STEVEN: Damn you, you mad scientist fool!!!
ALDRICH: Don't panic, Steven; your death will serve a religious purpose(!).


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