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Carnage (Graphic Marvel Fan-Fic)

I wanted to create a stark origin-story for the terrifying Marvel Comics super-villain Carnage who represents pure mayhem, and I came up with this civilization-journalism oriented vignette of 'modern vice.'

What do you think?

Carnage is a weighty enough terror-villain in graphic comics to warrant his own media/movie. I'd love to see Carnage portrayed in a stand-alone Hollywood (USA) film starring Leonardo DiCaprio!


Cletus was imprisoned at the young age of 29 after decapitating three LAPD policemen with a machete when they tried to foil his wicked bank-robbery in the City of Angels. Cletus was spared the death penalty but was given a life sentence. Cletus was now stewing in a maximum-security in a California prison at the age of 30 and plotting his brilliant escape!

Cletus lured a prison guard into the prison library on a Sunday night at midnight. He told the guard he desperately needed to get into the library to retrieve a book he left there at noon that day. Since it was a Sunday, the guards were somewhat lax, and the guard who agreed to let him in to retrieve his book didn't see the danger of letting Cletus into the library's which was fitted with two large windows!

Cletus used a pencil in the prison library to stab the guard who let him in right in the eye and left him there bleeding to death as he crawled out the window he broke and seaparated the metal bars with using a crudely assembled blowtorch he smuggled into the prison, using the mail service, and hid in the library one week earlier. Cletus then crawled across the prison yard outside the prison library and then used the man-sized sewage pipe in that area to wriggle his way to freedom. He ended up in a forest-lake where the sewage-pipe ended!

Cletus got all the way to Oakland (California) and broke into a science lab and stole an experimental transformation and strength-enhancement serum at midnight. He then broke into a Christian church and strangled a priest and stole his robes. Cletus dressed up as a priest and walked into a Oakland bank with his transformation serum in a bottle in his briefcase. When he announced his intention to conveniently rob the bank and threatened to splash the reactive transformation-serum on a bank-teller, the security guard leaped on him and the serum-bottle shattered and the chemical-fluid entered Cletus' pores!

Cletus got away from the Oakland bank guard and hid in his new 'lair' (an abandoned warehouse). The transformation-serum which accidentally entered Cletus' pores mutated the wretch into a fleshy morphing brutish leviathan with no sense of morality. Cletus resembled a fleshy rendition of an inside-out alien-oid zombie now and was both horrified and vengeful. He renamed himself Carnage!

Cletus/Carnage traveled to San Francisco where he used his morphing flesh to create turbulent and frightening balls of blood-and-bone which he used to cause a terrible 20-vehicle accident spectacle on the Golden Gate Bridge on a rainy Saturday morning. The headlines declared this 'modern wolf-man' to be the Devil incarnate. Carnage knew he had the power to be a true menace!

SPIDER-MAN: My name is Spider-Man. I used a new government war-tech to fit myself with a terrorism-fighting spider-suit capable of shooting paralyzingly unbreakable super-strong cobwebs. I will use my new strength to apprehend the demonic Carnage and restore peace and sanity to America. We Americans won't stand for a vile leviathan such as Carnage who mercilessly preys upon our fears of violence by decapitating cops and destroying basic social imagination!


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