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I'm making a horror film - I need some suggestions...

I am making a horror movie in the vein of the classic slasher in the woods/cabin, etc. It will be a period piece, early 1990's, but with a seventies feel in terms of shots.

Please make suggestions of films I should watch to study the shot list. The whole movie doesn't need to be great, it just has to have a great moment of reveal or tension. For example, I am not crazy about the movie, "The Strangers," but I love the shot where the girl is in the kitchen, the camera pans, and it reveals the intruder in the far background.

Please list movies for me to watch. Much appreciated!!!

Also, if someone else has listed a movie, and you agree, please feel free to list it twice. Movies that are repeated will move to the top of my screening list.

The cinematographer will be referencing the movie in her VLOG for all those who may be interested in following the progress of the film (the quality of the horror segment in this VLOG will not reflect the quality of our movie. This is a VLOG, so she shot it in 20 minutes without a real actor...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYQrvz7dHSo

Also, so you know the tone/look of my films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZpXFXqDt5Q

I like all sorts of horror movies, but for this, please don't share movies that don't fit the Slasher sub-genre.

Again, thanks for your help!!

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You want to model it after the sytles of the 70's slashers? There are a ton of movies to choose from dude!!!!

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Pizza Guy

Just watched Pizza Guy. Nice job.

70's movies. There are a bunch, and that is the problem. I am looking for the best one or two with some nice sequences to be inspired by.

Not a 70s movie, but Wolf Creek has some really nice sequences in it. Very nice shot with the Thermus on the roof of the car, etc. Looking for moments like that to be inspired by...

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House of the Devil by Ty West has a great 70s feel to it. Very creepy at building up tension and well worth a watch for research purposes. EDIT - just realised its not really an outright slasher film but the film plays it like it is but to go into more detail would ruin the twist!

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