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Lightbulb Predator: LA

I've been a big fan of Predator and GI Joe comics, and this one extra and final horror-comics (fanfiction!) piece is a yarn about the modern imaginations behind anti-terrorism and human species defense doctoring. Thanks for reading this last piece (signing off!),


Now, it was well known that the diabolically intelligent female war-vizier known simply as the Baroness, the ultimate combat consultant who'd worked for the super-terrorist organization known as Cobra, was not a woman to be trusted, as attractive as she was! Baroness was involved with various super-terrorism invasion initiatives around the world forged by Cobra and her superiors, including the gene-monster Serpentor, such as the spraying of a metal-eating toxic chemical on the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France). Now, having been arrested by the American undercover paramilitary organization known simply as GI Joe, Baroness was being reared for a special 'decoy-narc informer' mission in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, California).

BARONESS: I miss my time with Cobra, but have no choice but to comply!

Baroness was sent to Los Angeles ("L.A.") to set up an important underground anti-terrorism munitions monitoring program in the black market, operating with pro-IRA cells in North America as well as blood diamond hubs in the West Coast. Her job was to infiltrate terrorist operations and collect data regarding modern continental financing of super-terrorist initiatives while keeping an eye on Cobra plans for hopeful dissection and information betrayals to her now-GI Joe superiors. In other words, the once sneaky Baroness was now the defected rehabilitating GI Joe super-sleuth. In fact, GI Joe commander Duke praised the 'converted' Baroness for her ability to blend 'dark-side' training with cop-work diligence in L.A.

BARONESS: Working for American law is like being a servant of light.

Well, that's Baroness' story really, and she's now in L.A. doing this anti-terrorism work after having been apprehended and molded by her new superiors of GI Joe, including her resolute commander Duke. Baroness sometimes misses her 'super-beau' Serpentor from Cobra, but she remains steadfast about her role as the new L.A. queen of underground infiltration and Cobra betrayal operations. Thus, the Baroness has literally become the female messenger of continental drift in the City of Angels. That's where we currently find her. She's not ashamed of her duties, because she remains, as ever, supremely arrogant and confident about her ability to wrestle with super-politics intrigue.

BARONESS: I'll never submit to the idea of feminine inferiority!

This is not the end of the Baroness story, unfortunately. There's more to this dark tale than meets the eye. For the Baroness, while contending with these political chakras and scythes in the City of Angels (L.A.), has to now engage a super-alien terror man-dragon being or creature known ominously as the Predator. Why'd the Baroness have to confront a freakshow like the Predator instead of, say, Duke or a Navy SEAL? Well, maybe it's because it's the stealth-conscious Baroness who's so damn sensitive about new age urban motions in the underground, making her a rather ironic diplomat of human survival. The Predator, the alien-hunter visiting Earth, whom the Baroness now confronts, is a super-lion of hell.

The Predator arrived from a faraway planet and landed on the Earth's moon and began spying on human civilization. The Predator is a man-shaped creature, with dreadlock hair and a beast-like face and extending teeth from protruding skin on his face and muscular arms with claws and thick legs with scales and a hairless back with reptilian texture. The Predator also wears a metal helmet and face-cover and carries a arm-band laser-weapon which shoots exploding red spores. The Predator decided to terrorize the City of Angels (L.A.), because he realized it was a hub or nexus of humanity traffic and commercial vanities. There were crime syndicates, pirates, rock-stars, media celebrity politicians, beaches, and great institutions near L.A. such as the Salk Institute and UCLA.

The Predator landed in L.A. and became invisible using a cloaking magic device and then prowled around in the late nights with his exploding spore weapon/device and wreaked havoc. He blew up cop cars, stores, malls, parkways, and even a museum. That's when the Baroness of GI Joe (formerly Cobra!) found this alien-hunter bringing hell to the City of Angels (L.A.). The clever Baroness requested special laser-guns from GI Joe headquarters and used them to go out into the night seeking out this Predator and hoping to shoot him in the face. She quickly realized this was no ordinary adversary. The Predator had used his exploding spores to not only destroy buildings but also to explode the heads of his hapless human victims. This was pure evil.

BARONESS: You won't ruin the City of Angels.
PREDATOR: Who the freak are you?
BARONESS: I'm a sentinel of light!
PREDATOR: You work for the Cobra?
BARONESS: How'd you know that?
PREDATOR: I've been spying on humans from the moon.
BARONESS: Well, you won't get away with this random violence.
BARONESS: Yes, and that's because I'm the avenger.
PREDATOR: You're the bitch out to chase me, eh?
BARONESS: Exactly.
PREDATOR: If you fail, I'll blow your head off.
PREDATOR: You intend to engage me with customs of combat?
PREDATOR: Well, I waste no time with angels or poets.
BARONESS: You're a fierce alien-hunter with a game in mind?
BARONESS: Is hunting intelligent weaklings your game?
PREDATOR: It's the game of my entire species!
BARONESS: You're about to meet your perfect match.
PREDATOR: Who, you?
PREDATOR: So why'd humanity send a bitch to catch me?
BARONESS: Because I'm the bitch with a laser-vision.
PREDATOR: So, we've arrived at a decent urban game contract.
BARONESS: I'll give you 2 days to run before I find you.
PREDATOR: If I turn and see you weak, I'll blow your head off!
PREDATOR: Well, then, let's let this City of Angels game deepen.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)


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