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Originally posted by jenna26
I don't care for The Raven all that much....gasp ;) but I love Mad Love. My absolute favorite Peter Lorre role though wasn't in a horror movie at all, but in The Maltese Falcon. I thought he was outstanding in that movie.
She's right. He was. He was also really good in Casablanca.
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Originally posted by zwoti
sure is, the raven, comedy of terrors, mad love.....
Oh ya Mad Love especially, Peter Lorre a somewhat forgotten legend among the horror world.

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I'm a big Lorre fan, but curiosly, not his horrors. its his film noirs and the like that i'm more into. Have you seen 'the face behind the mask', its a cheapie short but still really good. Its Lorre in one of his more sympathetic roles and is actually quite sad. Funny Lorre makes me smile because he seems like a psychotic evil weasel in some of his films, and the voice and face adds to that of course, But in others you genuinely hear and see the sorrow and heatwrenching melancholy in that same voice and face

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M is a classic...really really good film, although the Police Chief looks a lot to me like Hermann Goering!
Lorre was one of the best actors ever...lots of titles mentioned here I enjoy. Have FACE BEHIND THE MASK and must get to watching it one day...
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Most of his films are good, you can pretty much enjoy all of them, he didn't make many stinkers that I can think of
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"M" was awesome. As Lorre was amazing. He never wanted to work with Fritz Lang again, though. I guess Lang was pretty brutal to Lorre. Throwing him down a flight of stairs over a dozen times. So when Lang tried to hire Peter Lorre again for another movie he refused.
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Saw it a long time ago with subtitles. After a few minutes the disruption of trying to read without missing any important visuals vanished and I didn't even know I was doing it. Excellent movie.
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It's a great movie. I was originally drawn to it because of one of my favourite songs: In Germany before the war - Randy Newman. The song was inspired/based on, the movie.
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it's ironic

I know a lot has been written about M. Sometimes horror film books use on the cover the shot of Lorre seeing the letter M in the mirror on the back of his coat.

It's kind of strange that one of Peter Lorre's greatest performances came so early in his career.

Another great Lorre film is The face behind the mask, which I have seen called "the greatest B movie of the 1950s."

If you like spoofs, Karloff, Price, and Lorre are hilarious in a movie called The Raven. I have heard that some of Peter Lorre's best lines in that movie were ad libs.
As the evil wizard, Karloff hated wearing that heavy cloak. (I read that in Famous Monsters of Filmland.)
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That movie Mad Love is surreal. A head trip. Like the scene where Lorre appears wearing fake metal hands and a neck brace, pretending to be the dead killer.
That story has been made into a movie several times. I think this one was called The Hands of Orlac. It starred Mel Ferrer.
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