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Trying to find the name of this movie.

While in school a teacher of mine a few years back now showed the class a movie that now I just can not recall what so ever what the name of it is. I been wanting to see it again but unsure of the name. I was hoping someone could maybe think of some possiblities.

The was a scene in the movie that had these couple of people holding a jump rope while a more heavier guy (I can't recall if it was girls or guys holding the rope sorry)...anyway a girl that had captive there started shouting at them that they was a "Bunch of Weirdos". After doing so they was laughing and screaming it out while playing jump roam. Singing of course "were a bunch of weirdos"

I believe the film was a old one maybe later 70's-80's film. I really wish I remembered more but unfortunately I don't other then she took a I think baby doll from one of the girls who said it was her baby....(the one that was captive took it toward the end of the movie)
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Sounds a bit like Fortress (1986), although I am unsure.

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nope wrong movie but thank you for trying to help figure it out.

The movie had to do with a family holding a woman captive either on a island or woods near a lake....I just mainly remember that one main scene and that it was a much older movie.

Thanks though!
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