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Arrow An Excerpt

It was time to explain – to her family, her friends, her co-workers, but most of all, her girlfriend of the past sixteen years deserved for the world to know the truth of how this child came into being.
This child was surrounded in turmoil, and it had been a difficult pregnancy with nothing going as it was supposed to. She had continued to have her periods throughout the gestation, but that had been the very least of the things that had so completely baffled the numerous doctors who had examined her. No traces of sperm had been found in her body, and it had been announced that the DNA pattern contained a strand never before seen.
So Kinsey had become not only the talk of the town, but a worldwide celebrity, cameras following her every move, all desperate to be the first to reveal the most anticipated birth in living memory. She had unwillingly become the poster child for lesbian activism and the ‘choose life’ movement, but until all of this had happened, her sexuality had been a secret. Her parents had been desperately upset, and she had been treated badly by her colleagues once the pregnancy had been revealed, the label of whore instantly slapped upon her head.
An excerpt from The Stillborn Divine a short story in The Pitchfork Diaries: Volume One by J. S. Bannerman. Purchase a copy at Amazon
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Looks interesting.
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Very intriguing!
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