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London After Midnight (film)

Who has heard of this film, and who wants to track it down with me, if in fact there is one last copy. :D

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actually the last print of that film was lost in an electrical fire in the 60s. if you ever see it now, it's just a slideshow composed of stills from the film and title slides in between to try to give a rough idea of what the film would have been like. it's a shame, i'm sure the original would have been awesome. lon chaney looks so creepy in it.
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you can catch the slide show on the Lon Chaney Collection DVD
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Oh, i want to see that slide show!


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It's excellent visually, and, to be honest, the writing is bad enough that it doesn't lose much as a series of stills put to music.
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Originally Posted by Roderick Usher View Post
you can catch the slide show on the Lon Chaney Collection DVD
I have that DVD.

The slide presentation is very interesting.

It's a shame that there are no more copies of this film.

Chaney's makeup is very interesting. Be a great Halloween costume!

Countess Marya

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