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Find favorite horror movie

I watched a movie about a killer who liked to cut off the heads of the people he killed and hold the head up so the eyes could see their body die. In the beginning of the movie he killed a little black boy who was selling flowers on the street. And held his face right up in the screen. Later in the movie the killer chases a nurse while holding giant shears to cut off her head. He sort of floated behind her. The movie really stayed with me for years and now I want to watch it with my friend and can't remember the actors or anything else about the plot. I watched this movie while my teenage daughters were dating and they are almost forty now. Please help me find this movie.
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The Exorcist III


This is the scene you are talking about.......jumps right out at you

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this movies is one of my favorites for some reason, still scary even though i have watched a 100 times
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