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Has anyone here seen Mikey (1992)

I had a flashback this morning to a movie I liked when I was a kid. Did some digging and found the name, Mikey (1992). Just wondering if anyone else watched this back in the day. I was 6 years old when this came out, barely remember it. Funny how the brain stores this stuff then unloads it on you later in life.
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Oh this movie really surprised me! Brian Bonsall, who played little Andy Keaton on Family Ties, played the titular Mikey, a very "bad seed" who is obsessed with the teen next door (Josie Bissett of Melrose Place) and goes on a killing spree against anyone who comes between him and her. Very good for its time IMO.
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Lol yep. I barely remember it. Might watch it this evening for the nostalgia.
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