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Deadshot: American Projection

Americans enjoy tales of great engagements with immortality paranoia, as revealed in films like Silent Hill and Deadpool, but how can we coordinate gothic folklore with neo-modern street folklore (e.g., Jason X)?


Deadshot is a graphic vigilante in Detroit tracking down the hideous axe-cult known as Slasher. Deadshot wields a magical crossbow fitted with sedative tipped razor arrows and mows down the ghouls of Slasher who prowl the city streets at night with tennis bags containing their axes for bloody murder! Deadshot is a real psycho and believes he's the incarnation of a godly Evil Knievel, here in Detroit to put right what Satan has drowned --- human innocence.

Deadshot first robs the Detroit Bank containing blood diamonds from South Africa controlled by Slasher who insists piracy is a new arm of darkness. Deadshot takes these blood diamonds and outs them to the underground so as to demystify the grip of crime Slasher has created. Deadshot then proceeds to take down the multiple cops working for Slasher as undercover agents of hell. He methodically shoots them in the chest and hearts, while Slasher continues its spree of bloody axe murders.

Deadshot is sort of an evangelical vigilante exorcist. His trick is to use urban methods to inject the city with vitality blood thoughts rather than letting everyone just drown in the cesspool of dirty blood created by Slasher's dark brand of axe murder mischief. Deadshot will use everything in his nifty power, as if he's a wandering protagonist from Dante's Inferno, fighting evil with light and destroying bloody murder with New and inventive forms of ideological blood work.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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