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guillermo del toro is a good fillmmaker, I don't think I've ever seen a movie by him where obvious effort wasn't put..
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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
I haven't seen Pacific Rim yet but I want to. I guess I see or know many animals are smart. I saw I think the latest Godzilla remake when he saved the city from two or three creatures. The creatures were making a nest in the city. That was an ok movie I guess. But still I see no reason for King Kong and Godzilla to fight. The Godzilla movies I've seen seem to always involve him saving people or a city. And King Kong just wants to be left alone on his island or with the blonde girl.

I haven't seen the last King Kong movie yet either but I want to.
The first half of Kong: Skull Island is a blast. Last half is a bit repetitious, but overall it's the best of all the new Legendary monster films. Pacific Rim is even better. Have you seen either yet?

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Smile Looks like goofy fun

I think that it looks like goofy fun and could be good!
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Saw this on HBOMax.

Although the fight scenes were amazing, the use of neon lighting was fantastic, the humans and the storyline were utterly ridiculous.

7.5 for Kong and Godzilla.

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Thumb resize.
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