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Julie (Maxx Fan-Comic)

This is a fan-comic inspired by Sam Kieth's The Maxx, and it explores the background story of the young woman Julie whom Maxx protects from the vile serial-rapist, Mr. Gone. What sets The Maxx apart from other neo-noir graphic comics is that it invests nicely and creatively in the fortunes of friendship found amidst a backdrop of deep ugliness, so I've decided to give it a special 'horror-design' spin in this fan-fic.

I'd love to get feedback regarding the appeal of this sensitized approach to comics fan-fiction, especially since I'm retiring and this is probably my last or one of my last fan-fics!

Thanks for reading,


Julie had wandered around in the Outback for years now, and since she was estranged from civilization, albeit a post-apocalyptic dark one, she tried to keep her special sense of youthful optimism, especially since she was only 28 years-old! Julie was raised by her murdered father who kept a strange houseguest named 'Uncle Artie' who went on to become the Outback's ominous tyrant and serial-rapist named Mr. Gone. Now, Julie was wandering around the Outback and perhaps required a real guardian angel or superhuman protector.

That's where the Maxx entered. He was an oversized toxic-waste mutated colored and clawed mighty man of 30 years-of-age who had a keen but soft and sensitive heart and passionate mind. However, his toxic deformity gave him a terrible rage, which he tried to harness by attacking the real evildoers of the Outback. Maxx tried to stalk and hunt down the minions and drones of Mr. Gone, trying to destroy his formidable criminal empire of bandits and rapists and axe-murderers. Maxx was about to cross paths with Julie, and this just might be the sort of good fortune Julie craved.

JULIE: Are you a Christian?
MAXX: Catholic.
JULIE: Why're you following me?
MAXX: Me thinks Mr. Gone is hunting you.
JULIE: My name's Julie; I'm 28.
MAXX: I'm Maxx; I'm 30 years-old.
JULIE: You're so misshapen, honey.
MAXX: I have a dependable heart, Julie.
JULIE: Why is Mr. Gone after me?
MAXX: He thinks you're someone from his past.
MAXX: Who cares (you need my help!)?
JULIE: Alright, Maxx; you may be my bodyguard.
MAXX: Cool.

As the friendship and trust between Maxx and Julie blossomed, Maxx discovered Julie was something of an Outback anthropologist, analyzing the traffic patterns of rape and graphic crime and murders spread out across the land and their links to the root causes of governance dissatisfaction. Maxx found Julie beautiful and bright, and Julie started to think of Maxx as a real hero. Maxx explained to Julie that Mr. Gone was someone who wanted to make the Outback a real playground for mayhem, and Julie suggested that Mr. Gone was something like a 'wealthy Adolf Hitler' and wanted to use human frailty to magnify the intrigue of anti-social violence. Maxx never considered Mr. Gone a philosopher, so he was obsessed with protecting Julie.

Maxx and Julie came upon a group of Mr. Gone's hunting bandits while camping in the Outback one Saturday morning. They rushed towards Maxx and Julie's shared modest tent with axes, so Maxx lunged at them and used his formidable hell-afforded large deformed claws to scratch out their eyes and rip off their heads before drinking their blood. Julie was shocked but simultaneously relieved and demanded to know why Maxx's defensive posture was so extreme. Maxx explained that fighting evil required a serious form of focused rage. Julie was nevertheless grateful and continued to wonder how Maxx had found her and why God had helped him protect her. Was this all serendipity?

MAXX: You've become my angel.
JULIE: You know all these rapes and axe-killings are hellish.
MAXX: You're my special angel of sanity, young Julie.
JULIE: You're a real offbeat hero, Maxx!
MAXX: How does someone like you find so much optimism?
JULIE: To become numb to rapes and axe-killings, you remain lyrical.
MAXX: Lyrical?
JULIE: Yes, Maxx; there's a strange poetry to survival in the Outback!
MAXX: I sometimes wonder if Mr. Gone has ever loved anyone.
JULIE: I doubt he loves a woman, though I'm certain he keeps whores.
MAXX: I want to make sure you don't end up as one of his whores!
JULIE: I'm sure you'll do your best, Maxx.
MAXX: Don't become too fond of me, young lady.
JULIE: Hey, even women have a right to feel attached to warriors.
MAXX: Alright.
JULIE: Are you going to kill Mr. Gone?
MAXX: He's behind countless rapes and murders in the Outback.
JULIE: So he's basically the Devil or a demon to you!
MAXX: Sometimes, there's a justified form of wrath.
JULIE: Don't let this wrath warp your good heart, Maxx.
MAXX: I won't, but I intend to drink lots more minion-blood.
JULIE: You really hate Mr. Gone's goons, don't you, Maxx?
MAXX: Will there ever be any doubt?

To Be Continued...

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