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Post Can't Think Of Movie Name

So I may have posted this once before, but I didn't get an answer. After getting an email to say Hey, Happy Birthday from horror.com, I figured I'd give it another try.

I recorded and watched this movie several years back...I set DVR to record it as the only description was "Horror". Here's what I remember...hopefully someone will recognize it and know the name.

The opening scene begins with the camera panning around this couple sitting in a diner, with the man talking to her about how small town diners are the backbone of the country, talking about the apple pie. As the camera scans the diner, everyone in the diner has been killed, most likely killed by the couple. As they talk, police are surrounding the place. Finally, they decide to go out, and they burst out of the front doors of the diner. Just then, the scene pauses and the guy's voice begins to narrate. The scene changes to this same guy being transported while incarcerated, and he's rescued by the same woman. They end up in a hotel, and at one point, he goes into the bathroom and the word "MURDERER" is written in blood across the wall.

They essentially go "on the run" through the desert, while he keeps talking about a "darkness" and "evil" that is following them.

So far, does anyone know the movie? I will sit, fingers crossed that someone knows.

Thanks folks!

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