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What the shit?!?

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The series moved on. Get used to it.
Or not.
I liked it the way it was, not the way it is.
But I don't have to play the new ones to be a fan of the series...I just won't play it past a certain point.
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Played through the Half-Life series again recently. Love those games. Although, Alyx gets really annoying in episode 1 and 2. :/
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"Silent Hill: Downpour" PS3 7-8/10

Tho it wasn't as good as the former "homecoming" i still enjoyed this game a lot. I was glad to see they'd kept the improved gameplay and combat movements.

What i wasn't as happy about was the mess of a map system. I never managed to find half of what was possible in the town, coz the map(s) were so confusing. I'm sure i missed out on a lot of fun coz i couldn't figure out where to go or where to look and because most of the foggy town looked the same.
And i'm not too sure an auto-save system works for a game like this. I never fired a single shot or used a lot of medi kits coz i never knew if a monster boss would turn up right ahead. Neither would the gamer know which door he would open that would change the story and take him to the next stage. That toatlly sucks when you can't save yourself.

Okay, now to the good things.

Where Homecoming was like a blend between Silent Hill and "Hostel" this version was a mix between Silent Hill and the asian horror/fantasy movie "Re-cycle". I really appreciated the total mindfucks it played on the gamer and the crazy surreal and horriffic second dimension.
The creator had certainly taken this a notch or two up in this edition. Some of the escapes from this dimension was seriously intense. One of the absolute highlights for me was the rollercoaster ride in the mines. Those miners coming to life... creeeepy. :D

There might've been less creepy atmoshphere than in some of the former games and i would be lying if i said there were a lot of different monsters in this one. But for me, i would've enjoyed it just as much, if not more, without a single monster at all. The best scenes in Downpour was the ones without any monsters anyway. :)
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What the shit?!?

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"Hunted - The Demons Forge".
I like the effort they put into the storyline of this one, even though it wasn't really all that groundbreaking.
A nice enough looking game, though pretty rough around the edges.
I enjoyed playing it though. The start was a bit dry but the fun increases as you upgrade your character/skills.
This game felt like it was absent an inventory and a trading/shop system.

I feel like while it was a good game with a decent to playthrough - it wasn't a really great game, it was fun but it just felt a bit like there could've been more to it. More variety in enemies and combat would've been a nice touch.
Levels were also pretty linear.
This is a good backburner game, for when you've got nothing else in particular to play - you'll get through it, and not hate it.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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Last Game Beaten: Golden Axe 2 and Streets of Rage 2 on Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection. Highly recommended
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Saints Row: The Third. Really fun game as long as you're cool with what is essentially a GTA rip-off on hallucinogens. The customization options are pretty amazing - I made a really good Terminator as well as a pretty good looking Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.

Running around a city, throwing jarred farts, and beating people with a giant purple dildo is really fun if you're a twelve-year-old at heart :D

Don't bother with the DLC though - I made the mistake and paid $20 for the season pass and got MAYBE 4 hours worth of content :mad:
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Hum.... I don't finish games in a while, to be honest xD
I think it was Limbo.
It was a cool game, short, but it had nice puzzles and a fantastic style.
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Just beat the Resident Evil 1 remake on the Nintendo DS with both Jill and Chris, will always be one of my favorite games ever. It is really disappointing that they slightly changed the music for the DS version though.
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I last beat Catherine (that sounds kind of wrong). Fun game if you don't mind repetitive gameplay. For me it was worth it because I enjoyed the multiple-endings, puzzle challenges and, uh, being able to reply to text messages . . .

8/10 for being something a bit different and just because I liked the sheep.
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Max Payne 3

Was a bit let down with this one. It wasn't bad but I was hoping for so much more since I was a huge fan of the first two.
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