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DESTINATION INNER SPACE (1966). If You go into this expecting a Filet Mignon, You will be disappointed, But if all You want is a big juicy hamburger, You will probably enjoy DIS. An underwater sea station finds a wrecked space ship underwater and one of the crew foolishly brings back a cylinder which expands and a snarling monster pops out. There is also the pre-requisite love triangle and Science aspiration to study the monster.

Very very cheesy;;;the sets are so low budget;You would swear You are looking at bathtub toys and the monster looks like, as CREEPY CLASSICS rightfully said, "A cross between a Christmas tree and The Creature From The Black Lagoon!"

So nothing earth shattering, but worth a look. And while watching, I could have sworn I had seen the plot somewhere else and it was-a-couple-of years-in-the-making THE GREEN SLIME. **1/2
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