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"Ernest Scared Stupid"

Hi. I have checked lots of places. But, no one knows. So, I will ask it here. Have you guys seen "Ernest Scared Stupid"? Well, if you have, do you remember the films from the opening credits? I have figured out 11 movies. But, there are 3 clips that I still need help with:

1. The 1st clip: the castle and the lighting striking.
2. The thunder and lighting.
3. The zombie man.

I am going to describe the clips here, so it will be easier for you guys to know what I'm talking about:

1. The first clip: Thunder and then a big castle on a mountaintop with a black-white sky is seen, and then there is lighting which reflects on the castle. The castle is bigger on the left then on the right. On the top, there are 3 ledges with two sets of 7-8 pickets, on the left and on the right. Below that, are two sets of 8-9 small windows, on the left and on the right. Below that are four windows, one is to the direct left sticking out of the castle, there is one to the right of that which is a little more above, then there is one in the middle of the castle, and then there is one on the right side of the castle by itself. The two windows on the left and the one in the middle can be seen easier when the lighting hits. On the right side of the castle which is a lot smaller than the left part, there are two more ledges with 7 pickets, which is visually similar to the top of the castle on the right side. Ledges = Tops, Pickets = Fence Points

2. A black and gray sky with lighting in the middle of the scene. Then the lighting stops and a sky is the only visual thing seen. Then the camera moves to the left as the clouds move. (I think this is "The Phantom From Space", I'm not sure)

3. A tall, slender, and young adult is seen in a reddish-purple background which turns black. The teenager is seen like some sort of zombie with pale skin, a purple shirt with a white marking on the top right of it, and brownish curly-like hair. His arms are seen to his sides. And, he is seen standing tall and walking forward while leaning, but not by much. And, I think he has a belt on, but I’m not very sure. This guy somewhat looks like Heath Ledger, especially in “10 Things I Hate About You”.

Anyway, this is as best as I can do with describing the scenes. As you already know, they are in “Ernest Scared Stupid” in the opening credits, so if you don’t visually have a picture of the clips that I’m talking about, then go see them in the film.

But, can you please help? Thanks.
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i have no idea but i do love that movie
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Ernest is amazing! Sry i cant help u, tho
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I'll have to go back and watch this again. but I'm sure I know them.

Jesus had a tough life. I read about that guy. Jesus is the only guy that ever came back from the dead that didn't scare the F--- out of everybody!
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Haven't seen this in years! Liked old Earnest sad that he died:(

I'd have to see it again.
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I cant help ya, sorry. Great movie though.
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Originally posted by nine9
Haven't seen this in years! Liked old Earnest sad that he died:(

I'd have to see it again.
I agree, the movies he were some of the best comdey's I have ever seen. Also this movie kinda of scared me when it frist camke out since I thi nk I was only around 7 or 8.
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Ernest Goes to Camp is one of the best comedies ever made. (Right up there with Monster Squad.)

As for the topic at hand, I don't have any idea.
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Originally posted by bwind22
Ernest Goes to Camp is one of the best comedies ever made. (Right up there with Monster Squad.)
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great comedys
i think the castle one might possibly be Frankenstein or maybe Dracula. Probably an older movie like that. im not sure. ill rent it this weekend and see if i can find out
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