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<a href=http://s169.photobucket.com/user/margie1959/media/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg.html target=_blank><img src=http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u230/margie1959/Christopher%20Lee_zpsdbzag3w5.jpg border=0 alt= /></a>
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Im a 74 for this one. Texas Chainsaw and Young Frankenstein, literally my last sunday with the family. We watched both, lol!
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Hate going against Black Christmas but 86
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (My all time favorite movie, for anyone keeping track) and Black Christmas would be tough to beat alone but add Phantom of the Paradise and you've got three movies that would be hard to top for any year, and culty gems like It's Alive and the Kolchak series...and THEN we get to Young Frankenstein?!

1974 for the win!! I hope.
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Thanks, V. 8)
1986 for sure for Aliens.
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