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Originally posted by urgeok
its like yelling at kids in the schoolyard only to find that they left before you began :D
Haha yah. Well, thanks for correcting me before I went overboard.
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Although most would say Psycho is their favorite Hitchcock film, I have to stand up for The Birds. Special Effects were very limited when this film was made, especially when it involved other living creatures...let alone a multitude of birds. While most would not call it an out-right Horror movie, it was still full of suprise and suspense, which was Hitchcocks forte'. IMO, It was a fantasic film and one that will always be remembered as one on the "Must see A list."

Eraserhead.............................Hmmmmmmmmmm m................. Odd, good, definately worth watching. Did I mention Odd?

The Poltergist sequels. Well, par for the course, they are the "norm" in the sequel business... not near as good as the first, trying to make an easy buck off of the success of the firsts' name (Not as bad as Halloween 3 though). Okay to watch, okay rent for 99 cents, but unless you just gotta have the complete series for your collection, not worth the bargin bin price...even if you got money to burn.
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Originally Posted by Voorhees View Post
*Last house on dead end street
Freaky trailer.
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