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Hello to all.


Hello everyone/everything/everywhat

Iíd just like to say hello, due to my newbie status here. Iím Ash but my pen and paint name is Sneakasaurus. Iím an abstract artist and an author with a love for triumphant horror. I love a little gore, a fright and am a sucker for good triumphing over nastiness (not necessarily evil.) Iíve just dropped my first novel on amazon, The Detrahendum, which follows a sick game of demonic exorcisms, nasty beings of light and perverted, sex-ravenous demons. Itís terrifying, bloody and disturbingly sexy.
So thatís that. Iím a lover of contorted trees, autumn and pretty much anything covered, stuffed or drenched in caramel.

So, hello. X
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Welcome to the forum!
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Hello Sneakasaurus!
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Hello and welcome!
Writer and owner of thehorrorgamer.com
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!
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exorcism, gruesome, heaven, hell, sex

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