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Lightbulb The Witch

There are countless movies and stories about witches and the Occult, and the emergence of horror-comics has provided even a new arena for the evaluation and appreciation of witch-tales and stories about the Occult. However, witch-tale comics do not have a single standard-bearing series or avatar like Friday the 13th or Jason that is marketed widely as any kind of pop or cult canon.

While I'm sure I'm going to get heat for such a statement, I'm also fairly certain that if there was a canonical witch-tale series in comics (or movies!), I'd hear about it from friends in the know, and I haven't heard of anything of real published weight!

To that end, I'd like to offer up this civilization symbolic comics-oriented witch-tale to perhaps 'nudge' publishers to seek out something of weighty credible potential for more widespread marketing based on sociocultural value.



Hazel was an extremely attractive Romanian-American woman of 25 years-of-age living in Maine (New England) and studied psychology at Dartmouth College. After graduating from Dartmouth with-honors, Hazel decided to convert to the Wiccan faith and became a practicing witch in the modern world. She purchased a Ouija board (a 'witchboard') and began invoking the presence of Lucifer (Satan, the fallen angel). Hazel wanted to make a modern compendium of what she deemed to be worthy evidence of modern world trespasses away from the normal domain of Christian faith.

Hazel traveled to NYC and befriended a chic circle of young Wall Street yuppies and discovered a terrible crime-ring involving the murder of young female prostitutes. This observation comprised Hazel's first journal-entry. This NYC crime-ring was based on the exploitation of urban vulnerability, of helpless urban prostitutes who could be treated as meat or slaves of the morally wicked. Hazel called this crime-ring the New York Hood. She cited the ring as a modern example of feminism gone invisible.

Hazel then traveled to England and visited one of the last operating orphanages there and found that a number of the unfortunate orphans housed there were being abused by the caretakers. She took a job at the orphanage as a cook with educational skills and befriended a group of the orphans who'd visit her in her kitchen. Hazel decided to log this orphanage abuse stigmata in her journal as evidence of modern world atheism and red-marked the orphanage by calling it Satan's Dungeon. Hazel would sneak extra food to the orphans and tell them stories about escaping from the darkness of prison.

Hazel next traveled to Georgetown University to take notes on the treatment of female African-American students by the Caucasian students. She noted that while Georgetown was reputed to be symbolically pluralistic, its race relations were still somewhat stereotypically strained. The Caucasian students didn't treat the female African-American students like they were attractive modern world citizens of an emerging pro-networking vanity-fair society aesthetic. In fact, Hazel even noticed some low-brow sexist jokes about college party date-rapes and logged this in her journal as evidence of modern world crudeness. She gave Georgetown the racism-moniker Black Tie.

Finally, Hazel traveled to Los Angeles and began working in a homeless shelter and started following some of the city's homeless people to their alleys and places of safety, just to see if they were secured from the modern urban threat of inhuman treatment. To her witchly shock, Hazel found that some of these homeless people in Los Angeles were being harassed and abused by cruel passerby who intended to mock their plight. Hazel logged this in her witch-journal as evidence of the savagery of so-called civilized people and red-marked L.A. as the City of Veils.

HAZEL: "I'm convinced that the modern world is an arena of pure darkness and hellfire, signaling the eventual reign of the AntiChrist. I'm not surprised that America, the land of mainstream Christianity, is still nevertheless the domain of all manner of social blindness. I'm sure that the real cure to such hypocrisy is the adoption of Satanic rituals which should cleanse humanity from the ugly stigmata of lifestyle hypocrisy! In other words, the modern world is a big old cauldron of snakes, fumes, bad apples, bats, and toads. Therefore, I will continue to travel on Earth as a witchly journalist, taking stock of the real beauty of revolutionary fury."


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Exclamation Chapter 2: The Mud

Hazel decided to visit Romania and evaluate vampire cults and folklore and how they developed since the days of Count Dracula. She encountered various pagan groups in the colorful and unusual country. Hazel found a bizarre witch named Rae who was working on a new kind of torture involving mud. Rae would grab vagrants in Romania, usually men, and see if they could be tempted to roll around and play in mud pits while in a euphoric state induced by her homemade hallucinogenic potions. Rae would give her subjects her mind-potion and trick them into thinking a good roll in the mud would induce fantastic sensual experience, and at the height of their joy, Rae the Romanian witch would murder them with her scimitar blade.

HAZEL: What's the purpose of this mud murder, Rae?
RAE: My victims are immersed in the pit of earthen filth!
RAE: I want Romanians to appreciate the value of Earth!
HAZEL: So, what's the real message, witch?
RAE: Mud reminds us of the tangibility of madness!
HAZEL: You're a prophetess of insanity.
RAE: Mud is as rich as blood, Hazel.

Hazel the witch decided to observe Rae the witch as she created terrible ordeals for her unsuspecting victims in Romanian mud. Hazel would pose as Rae's associate and claim she was studying the human response to mind states altered in the colored country of Romania, but when Rae engaged in her murderous attacks on her victims seduced into playing liberally in mud pits, the victims wondered in Hazel was basically a witness to human fear and was therefore studying the insanity of spiritual agony!

Of course, Hazel had another motive for following around the darker witch Rae. Hazel wanted to see the response of everyday Romanians who happened to be vagrants, daredevils, and delinquents as they felt the cruel hand of the dark witch Rae. Would these victims feel their experience in mud pits reflected a sensual discovery of both play and purgatory? Hazel had to be sure that this deranged symbolic activity by the dark witch Rae symbolized an important human feeling of complete desolation! After all, mud reminded the mind of the realism of death.

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Here's a section about Hazel encountering a rather insidious modern-day witch named Danica who seeks to punish the frailty in men's sound by using temptation to lure them into a state of absolute vulnerability so they can be treated as lambs-to-the-slaughter by the axe-wielding brutish hands of Danica's deathly 'associate' Karno! This chapter references end-times (Christian) dogma and was inspired by the horror-film Bloody Murder.


After Hazel parted ways with the witch Rae, she traveled to Amsterdam where she met another witch named Danica. Danica was extremely attractive and had a very shapely figure and was only 26 years-old. She'd practiced the dark art of witchcraft ever since she was 16 years-old, after being gang-raped by a group of truckers trekking through Amsterdam and searching for innocent blood to suck in Danica's neighborhood. She happened to be walking home alone at night when the drunken truckers attacked her, leaving her like a torn rag-doll. This horrifying trauma left Danica with a very cold heart so she vowed to use her feminine beauty against a God and humanity!

Danica kept at her side a very brutish man named Karno, a former circus performer who left his craft and took up with Danica who was by then a practicing Satanic witch! Danica made love to the oversized Karno who was modestly handsome and wore a thick brown beard. Danica gave herself to Karno but made him promise her to become a demonic axe murderer doing her bidding. The evil witch Danica explained to the quite stunned Hazel that she kept Karno at her side as a modern-day punisher of mortal vagrancy. Danica would draw in vulnerable wayward men from nightclubs in Amsterdam and take them drunken to her lusty silk bed and make violent and extreme love to them before allowing her 'true love' Karno enter and butcher the drunken and euphoric men with his bloody axe!

HAZEL: You've become a punisher of mortal frailty!
DANICA: Karno slays the drunks I inebriate with my body.
HAZEL: What's your message, Danica?
DANICA: I wish to reveal men as pawns of the flesh!
HAZEL: The Christian Bible would label you a false prophet.
DANICA: When the AntiChrist comes, he will bathe me in blood.
HAZEL: Perhaps the End of Days is near!

Hazel now had rich journal entries of the varieties of witches and dark witchcraft possessing the lands of Earth and how unusual sirens such as the witch Rae and the witch Danica were set to beckon the unsightly presence of the corrupting AntiChrist! If Hazel was to complete her compendium of modern prophetic witchcraft and how it symbolized end-times insights, she'd need to capture in writing and imagination the scope of traversing witches on Earth today who sought to expose the stark villainy of men through calculated deeds of complete or pre-meditated dread!


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