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yeah but so cool :D
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I love Vincent Price
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Cool House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Need subtitle for these movie not for the same movie of the year of 1999.
Subtitle on english or serbian language.
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I liked the remake but I completely agree that the original was better. I love Vincent Price. He is my favorite actor and a local favorite of a bunch of friends and I. I just never realized how much he liked to cook before, either.
"scream for me."
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Castle is a very underrated filmmaker, at least imho.

As for House, I think it's Castle's best film.

As for the gimmicks, I think Emergo has to take a back seat to Percepto, but they're both equally brilliant in their own ways.

Here's a vid of Emergo in action,
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great film love the ending
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Originally Posted by Lala_Sound View Post
I love the original but I hated the re-make it was so cheesy ;[
I fully agree!

Also the scene where the old lady pops out still scares me.

The Duchess
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Originally Posted by The Ugly Duchess View Post
I fully agree!

Also the scene where the old lady pops out still scares me.

The Duchess
That is my fave scene love the way she hovers over the room :)
"The wind that would have killed us both, it saves my life"-Bel Canto
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One of my all time favorite movies. Love it.
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There is a scene in the movie where the security gates are tripped, locking everyone inside and forcing them to remain there until the gates unlock in the morning. After finding a coffin with more coffins filled with guns.
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