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Mr. Chuckle-Teeth

This is a post-Coronavirus tribulation graphic (fictional) crime story set in modern-day Northern Ireland, where assumptions about community teamwork are darkly colored by the inter-religious schism between estranged Irish Catholics and depressed British Protestants.

How will you contemplate the human ramifications of the social distancing aspects of the Coronavirus?

Thanks for reading (Enjoy!),


Belfast (Northern Ireland) was quiet after the Coronavirus quarantine ended. During the tribulation, there was a momentary cease-fire between the IRA (Irish Republican Army), the historic masked guerrilla combat group working to obtain more civil, media, and employment access for the Irish Catholic minority (living alongside the British Protestant majority who'd settled in Northern Ireland for centuries as colonists) and U.K. military and police. Everyone was more focused on the priority of quarantine life and basic media access for work and study and elections. However, during the Belfast quarantine, tensions between IRA and British military and police began boiling yet again. Perhaps the stark sociocultural and psychological and religious practice differentiation between Irish Catholics and British Protestants made co-habitation very awkward.

Well, given that Belfast was still relatively eerily quiet after the Coronavirus tribulation ended, despite seething new pedestrian and politics tensions and renewed awkward angst between unemployed Irish Catholics and uncomfortable British Protestants, the people of Northern Ireland were deeply unnerved by the new crime story of a deranged elusive serial-killer who went by the alias 'Mr. Chuckle-Teeth' (a maniac who cut his victims' throats and then mangled their corpses with his own teeth after they'd bled to death!). This Belfast lunatic Mr. Chuckle-Teeth sent a photo-selfie of himself to the Belfast Bugle, wearing some kind of theatrical clown-Harlequin mask with huge grinning teeth. The British police as well as the underground new IRA called meetings to discuss this deformed criminal!

MR. CHUCKLE-TEETH: "My message is to destroy urban securities that it's safe to wander around Northern Ireland with the robust Christian confidence that Protestants and Catholics are living alongside each in perfect harmony. It doesn't really matter to the world though that Christian folks are divided, since everyone's more curious about Israel-Palestine petrol dollars. So I'll continue producing my cadaver witnesses to evil Christian neglect while the Belfast brigades and lawmen determine the most ideal response and maybe even decide to unite Protestant and Catholic missionaries! That would indeed be a surprising miracle."

The IRA and British police were baffled. It was clear that Mr. Chuckle-Teeth was a dark messenger of Protestant-Catholic disharmony, but no one was sure if he was Protestant or Catholic himself or if Northern Ireland was supposed to be in some kind of social rage over the random murders and corpse-cadaver manglings, since the victims were equally divided in numbers as Protestants and Catholics. It therefore seemed that the masked demonic serial-killer with a bizarre self-proclaimed cause, Mr. Chuckle-Teeth, wanted to just frighten everyone in Belfast following the Coronavirus tribulation to bring more shock-value focus to the troubling truth that Protestants and Catholics had grave problems working together and sharing resources despite espousing similar faith in Jesus Christ.


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